NYCC’16: While Some Stuff Went Wrong, Fans Still Had Lots of Love and Ideas for ReedPop Staff at the Annual Q&A Panel


A New York Comic Con tradition, Lance Fensterman and his leadership staff hosted the final panel of New York Comic Con 2016, “NYCC Team Q&A“! We hope that you had an awesome time at NYCC this year! The NYCC Team will sit down with Fans to hear your thoughts on the Show and let you […]

DC Announces Rebirth Collections, Plus Lots of Classic Reprints, for Early 2017!

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    Rebirth collections start shipping early next year (the obligatory #1 Omnibus ships in mid-December), although none seem to be in hardcover…  That might be a marketing ploy to gain even more readers, perhaps DC’s version of Image Comics’ $9.99 trades. Of course, this means they’ll be battling with Raina Telgemeier on the New […]

National Book Festival 2016: The Archive of Cartoonist Interviews!


Your tax dollars at work! Not only does the Library of Congress sponsor the annual National Book Festival, but they archive lots of digital material online! (And if that doesn’t knock your socks off, the Library also collects and archives multimedia in a variety of formats… an original print of Star Wars: A New Hope… […]

National Book Festival 2016: Everything You Need To Know, Comics Edition!

2016_bookfest_patch_large LOC

The 2016 National Book Festival, sponsored by the Library of Congress, is scheduled for Saturday, September 24, 2016, at the Washington Convention Center. Originally sited on the Mall, it was relocated a few years ago due to concern about the thousands of attendees effect on the grounds. Who’s appearing from the wonder world of comics? […]

Brooklyn Book Festival 2016: Lots of Graphic Novel Goodness!

2016 Poster, designed by Chip Kidd

Fall approaches, and once again, the Brooklyn Book Festival will take place this weekend at Brooklyn Borough Hall and surrounding locales! Held since 2006, this literary festival has always had a strong graphic novel presence, and this year offers another strong mix of creators! You can easily spend the entire day just at the graphic […]

Bob Kane and Neil Gaiman Among Winners at Worldcon 2016!

2016 hugo

Last weekend,  MidAmeriCon II hosted the 2016 Worldcon, the 74th World Science Fiction Convention. Every year, the big gala is the Hugo Awards banquet. What makes the Hugos different from other awards is that it is voted on by fans, specifically those who have purchased memberships to Worldcon. The members vote on the nominees, usually receive […]

Iowa State Fair 2016: Farm Con Ends After Eleven Days of Fun for Everyone (even Steven Tyler)!


With over a million turnstile visitors, the 2016 Iowa State Fair concluded eleven days of amazing, unbelievable, outrageous fun that is so incredible, it’s on many travelers’ bucket lists! Food on a stick. Grandstand performances. Animal judging. Food judging. People judging (talent show, twins, triplets, hair…) But the really GEEKY competitions can be found here! […]

In Iowa, “Comic Con” is known as “The Iowa State Fair”

The World Famous Butter Cow by Sculptor Sarah Pratt.  Image courtesy of the Iowa State Fair.

It’s listed in 1000 Places To Visit Before You Die (the international version). It offers a variety of gastronomic “gastrocities” and many local delights. Over a million people attend over eleven days in August. There’s the Midway, Grandstand, campgrounds (no hotelween here, nosiree!), and numerous displays, competitions, and other distractions. It is the Iowa State Fair, and […]