Madefire Gets Another $6.5M in Funding and Launches Virtual Reality Comics App


You remember Madefire?  They do the “Motion Book” not-quite-animated comics (I highly recommend Milk for the Ugly) and power the in-house digital comics sites for several publishers.  And they been busy little beavers in the time leading up to NYCC. First up, TechCrunch reports Madefire has received a $6.5M Series B funding round (that’s Venture […]

NYCC 2016 Day One Round-Up

  Wondering what was going on yesterday as New York Comicon launched its 2016 edition?  Here are all The Beat’s links for yesterday in one place: :01 Collecting Cucumber Quest Webcomic for Print NYCC ’16: Titan to release (re)ASSIGNMENT under their Hard Case Crime imprint NYCC ’16: Watch Jay Anacleto’s timelapse video for his IRON […]

NYCC 2016: Dark Horse Has Two Aliens Titles in April


Dark Horse has a looooooong history with the Aliens franchise.  How long is looooooong? April’s Aliens: The Original Comics Series Volume 2 is giving the deluxe hardcover treatment to an Aliens series from 1989 and another from 1990.  When those were coming out, writer Mark Verheiden hadn’t yet gotten into film or television – he was best known […]

DC Rebirth Wave 2: Only Three Titles?

Multiple sources are reporting that DC was touting three books as their second wave of Rebirth titles at today’s retailer breakfast: the Bennett/Epting Batwoman title that was announced today, the Orlando/Reis Justice League of America title that was previously announced and… the previously MIA Super Sons? You may recall that Super Sons was announced as […]

:01 is Serializing Spillzone Online


:01 (First Second, if you prefer letters to numbers) likes to serialize their graphic novels online before the print edition is available and their latest serialization is now on line at This YA science fiction adventure about a girl dealing with the aftermath of a mysterious and deadly event (partially inspired by the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone) is […]

Batwoman Gets Her Own Title Back


If you’ve been reading Detective Comics, there’s a possibility you might have thought it *almost* felt like Batwoman was the lead for that first arc.  And if you did, there just might be reason.  Come February, Batwoman is spinning off from Detective into her own title.  James Tynion IV will be co-writing a Batwoman solo two-parter […]

Dynamite’s Cavalcade of Announcements: 007, Bettie Page, Charmed, Mighty Mouse, Sweet Valley High, Vampirella and Willingham’s ERB Team-Up

Bettie Page

Never let it be said that Dynamite is shy about making announcements during convention season.  Another, wide-ranging, batch of announcements dropped today. Announcements with creators attached: 007 After successfully testing the waters with James Bond arcs written by Warren Ellis and Andy Diggle, Dynamite will be launching an ongoing 007 series in 2017. Benjamin Percy says, […]

Jeff Parker On His Return To Flash Gordon


A couple years back, Jeff Parker caught a lot of people off-guard with a particularly fresh take on the classic Flash Gordon characters.  If you missed it, it’s collected in Flash Gordon Omnibus Vol 1.: The Man From Earth and it’s well worth your time.  Parker is returning to the property (and to the greater […]