Live tweeting the Harveys

We’re at the Harvey Awards banquet with Ramona Fradon, Michael Golden, and many other stars. We’re live tweeting the winners at Please follow along.

Devil’s Due leaves Diamond and lots of questions

Announced via PR yesterday, Devil’s Due, the long-running indie publisher is leaving Diamond as their distributor, for both books and periodicals, and going with Haven and self-distribution. But the reasons seem to be a tangle of financial considerations: Devil’s Due Publishing has pulled its distribution of comics and graphic novels from Diamond Comic and Diamond […]

New SCOTT PILGRIM International Trailer

You realize this movie doesn’t even have all the great lines in the trailer??

Marvel movie news: Ant-Man, and other things, get smaller; GHOST RIDER's empty saddle

• Yow, lots of Marvel movie news percolatin’ out there. Claude Brodesser-Akner reports that Columbia is the first studio to run up against the ticking time bomb of Marvel’s reversion clause. That is, rights to many of the film franchises Marvel has at other (i.e. not Disney) studios, such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Daredevil, and so […]

CBLDF at C2E2: Gaiman, Moore, fragrances

This weekend the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund lands in the windy city with an incredible array of events and exclusives for our supporters at the inaugural edition of C2E2!  Join us for An Evening with Neil Gaiman, Signings with Tony Harris, exclusive new prints by Gaiman and Harris, and the launch of the CBLDF […]

A brief interview with Diane Nelson

On an busy day for DC Entertainment, president Diane Nelson has been making the press rounds, and she very graciously stopped by to answer a few questions for The Beat on today’s management announcements and her first five months at DC. Q: You’ve been running DC for about five months. As a self-confessed relative outsider […]

The Beat has moved

Henceforth, new posts will be found at Thanks for visiting!

The SMILE trailer

Raina Telgemeier’s dental drama is about to drop, and it now has a trailer.

Shel Dorf’s 1973 San Diego Comic-Con Photos

At a now-bookmarked site called Comic-Convention Memories, the author is posting some photos found in the late Shel Dorf’s collection highlighting: a) just how much fun the old San Diego really was; b) how majestic ’70s fashions really were. Just a wee sampling: Carmine Infantino, June Foray, and Dorf. The caption says: From the left, […]

‘Publishing the Graphic Novel’ starts this Saturday!

Del Rey’s Dallas Middaugh writes to let us know he’s teaching a class at NYU this Saturday entitled ‘Publishing the Graphic Novel’ The class is shy a few attendees so check out the NYU link or the info below and sign up for what sounds like a very informative event: As to the class itself, […]

Ich bin ein Avenger #2: Spider-Woman

The roll-out for the Bendis/Romita Jr. AVENGERS continues, with Spider-Woman!

AVATAR, UP, DISTRICT 9 lead Oscar’s nerd herd

AVATAR, to no one’s surprise, snagged nine Oscar nominations this morning, tied with THE HURT LOCKER for most. The two films are the leading contenders and sets up an exciting “Battle of the Exes” between directors James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow, who were once married. Pixar’s UP became only the second animated feature ever to […]

What is AVATAR ripping off NOW?

After reading all the things that AVATAR is supposed to have ripped off, you’re sure to wonder if there is a SHRED of originality in the movie — that is, aside from the brand new way of shooting movies that took years to develop. While the usual suspects — POCAHONTAS, DANCES WITH WOLVES, FERNGULLY — […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 2/2/10

§ Matthias Wivvel has his wrapup of Angoulême 2010 including an appreciation of Baru: In this context, it seems auspicious that the Grand Prix winner (for his life’s work) is Baru (aka. Hervé Baruléa, b. 1947), in that he is one of the great proponents of a working class and immigrant perspective in Francophone comics. […]

Ich bin ein Avenger

Or so says a new Marvel teaser campaign. First poster above. So Cap has got a gun for good now? So it goes. EDIT: You know I forgot to mention that the book is written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by John Romita Jr.

So e-publishing is going to be as stupid and petty as regular publishing

Wow, the iPad announcement really didn’t solve everything! In fact the battle lines over who gets what with ebooks and i-that may just be beginning if this weekend’s skirmish between Amazon and Macmillan is any indication. Johanna Draper Carlson has the back and forth — basically, Macmillan — publisher of such graphic novel imprints as […]