Studio Coffee Run 6/17/11: Green Lantern, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Powers, Game of Thrones, etc.

Shannon O”leary is back with a rundown on the week’s Hollywood doings and brewings.

Studio Coffee Run 6/3/11: Superman Reboot Rumors, Walking Dead Budget Cuts, The Mighty, etc.

Reviews of X Men First Class are generally coming up roses (via EW, WaPo, etc. Although it has its detractors, including Rogert Ebert, who gives it an amused, tepid thumbs up, sorta. The Mighty goes to Paramount The rights for The Mighty, an antihero, superhero comic from DC, were purchased by Paramount. Of note, as […]

Studio Coffee Run 5/27: AKIRA, Wonder Woman, Torchwood etc.

Shannon O’Leary brings you up to speed on the week’s developments in nerd-themed entertainment, starting with a mysterious photo of Catwoman.

Studio Coffee Run

-The Norse God continued to bring the hammer down at the North American Box Office for the second weekend in a row, contradicting industry buzz that Thor‘s premiere would herald the comics movie bubble end times (via HitFix) -Not Comics Behold, the first images of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in the movie adaptation of […]

Convention Report: Swedish SPX 2011

In spite of the dramatic international intrigue Sparkplug Comic Books and its affiliates faced at the Canadian border on the way to TCAF last weekend, we managed to simultaneously invade a whole other continent at Stockholm Sweden’s 11th Annual SPX Festival. Sparkplug was honored to be invited to the festival for the 3rd year in a row along with many other hella distinguished international guests.

4th Annual International Manga Award Winners Annonced

Last week the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the winners of the 4th Annual International Manga Award. The International Manga Award – the “Nobel Prize of manga” was created by Former Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso to recognize the efforts of non-Japanese manga influenced artists worldwide. Here’s the full list of winners: The 4th […]

Walking Dead Season Finale Review: Ya kinda LOST me

Last night the mini first season of AMC’s smash insta-hit, The Walking Dead went out with a great big zombie plague origin story bang. Among the casualties were a couple of non-comic book canon characters who won’t be missed and lots of precious plot cohesion, plausibility or originality. I love the sheer, unadulterated page turn-ability of the Walking Dead comics and the first two episodes of the television show were incredibly good with the promise of even more great things to come. So it is with great regret that one of the only nice things I have to say about how the first chapter of the TV adaptation wrapped up is that new survivor Daryl and his crossbow will be around next season.

Walking Dead Recap: Wildfire

Walking Dead Recaplet: Season One/Episode 5: Wildfire Episode 5 started off strong but ended on an odd note with lots of plot threads left unraveled and undone, and lots of new mysteries  introduced with what seems like precious little time left in a brief first season to wrap them up. Last week saw the remaining survivors’ […]

Walking Dead Recap: Don’t have a fish fry during a Zombiepocalypse

Walking Dead Recap: Don’t have a fish fry during a Zombiepocalpse Season 1/Episode 4: Vatos Last week’s Walking Dead saw what’s left of the survivors’ families ripped apart by severed limbs, interrupted wife beatings, and hastily put together racist rescue missions.  So it was fitting that the fourth episode started off with hottie sisters, Amy and Andrea, […]

Walking Dead Recap: A Crossbow to the Brain

Note:  I was like a zombie with a half-attached jaw after starting my Monday with a largely unsuccessful dentist’s appointment. That’s my excuse for getting this to you late and short.  My apologies. Next week will be different.

This week’s episode started off with panoramic views of Merle Dixon still handcuffed and trapped on the Atlanta department store roof.   

Walking Dead Recap: It takes guts

Last week ‘s Walking Dead left off with everyman hero, Rick Grimes, down one seriously gored horse and trapped inside a tank with throngs of the undead crawling all over it.  Will he make it out alive!? Yeah, sure, of course.  But not without trial, error, carnage and a morally compromised ol’ lady.   This week’s episode, Guts, started off driving home Rick’s cruel fate even further by opening up with his former cop buddy, Shane, licking the now wedding ring eschewing Mrs. Grimes all over. 

Walking Dead Recap: Good morning, America, how are you?

Season 1/Episode 1: The Walking Dead/Days Gone By What’s your day after Halloween take on the TV Zombiepocalypse?  I’m pretty satisfied with the balance of gore and subtlety last night’s highly anticipated (and heavily promoted) pilot episode of The Walking Dead achieved.  I may be more satisfied in some ways than others, but on the […]

Review: The Walking Dead delivers stylish gore

So, does The Walking Dead (premiering this Sunday, Halloween, on AMC at 10:00/9 PM C) live up to the hype?

One Word Answer:  Ewwwwwwwwww!

The Walking Dead at NYCC

No, that’s not a reference to what I felt like the Sunday after fighting my way across last weekend’s uber-crowded, nerd sweat fueled NYCC convention floor.  Of course, you know that already.  You know what I’m talking about, people.  I’m talking about the highly anticipated AMC TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s much beloved comics series, The Walking Dead, […]

True Blood Recap: A Bloody Good Finish

Season 3/Episode 12: Evil Is Going On Evil might’ve been going on, but at least True Blood had it goin’ on good for the finale.  It truly came back from the grave after a sloppy penultimate episode. Sure, there were some hokey happenings and some sloppy wrap ups, but, all in all, this was a […]

True Blood Recap: Harsh Daylight Shines on an Unanchored Plot

After a couple of basically strong episodes, the Fresh Blood just didn’t congeal this week.  The gestalt was off.  True Blood’s chi is out of whack, and, quite frankly, people, it didn’t leave me anxiously awaiting the finale.  Many of the scenes were good on their own but just as many felt awkward and immaterial, leaving the whole episode lacking in narrative center.  Take the opening scene: Bill’s blood bond to Sookie leads him to Fangtasia where he has a fun little run in with Pam.  Starting off with a fight scene between two distinct characters that rub each other the wrong way and don’t interact often was nice.  Particularly when Pam mocks Bill’s pretense of being in a normal, monogamous relationship with Sookie then outfoxes the stronger, older vampire by spraying silver flecked water in his eyes.