Studio Coffee Run 3/2/12: John Carter, a major Walking Dead production leak, Game of Thrones promo ramp up, Arrow and more

The latest news on the plethora of all the mega nerd events at the movies and on TV this Spring and much more.

Studio Coffee Run 2/23/12: Archer, True Blood, Kick Ass and RED sequel news, etc.

Archer, the wildly successful animated show that surpasses even Mad Men in the number of drinks the characters consume in a single episode has been renewed for a 4th Season. The Emmy and Annie Award nominated FX cartoon has been averaging about 2 million viewers per episode this season, up 32% from last season. And […]

Studio Coffee Run 2/18/12: Whole lotta Walking Dead, a little bit of Game of Thrones, a dash of Ender's Game and more…

Your studio coffee run might be cold and late this week, but it’s also venti-sized for your weekend reading enjoyment, with the latest news on Game of Thrones, John Carter, Oblivion, The Walking Dead and many more tasty comic and nerd movie and film tidbits.

Studio Coffee Run 2/10/12: New Walking Dead lawsuit and production leak news, Spring and Summer Trailer Mania, etc.

The latest on The Walking Dead, The Avengers, John Carter, Game of Thrones, and many other comics and nerd related entertainment news items to keep you comfy over the weekend.

Studio Coffee Run 8/19/11: Catwoman’s starving, Jason Stackhouse is invisible, Fright Night is killing it with critics, etc.

Anne Hathaway is starving herself to fit into her Cat Woman costume for your viewing pleasure. She does look pretty neat in one of the new photos of heavily armored vehicles just released from the set of The Dark Knight. Also at the link is a pic of Gary Oldman who’s returning as Commissioner Gordon.  […]

Studio Coffee Run 8/12/11: Walking Dead showrunner firing final word, Del Toro’s The Hulk, a Powers pic, etc.

Every little thing about how Frank Darabont worked AMC’s last raw nerve as showrunner of The Walking Dead and some more TV and film news for your Friday surfing pleasure.

Studio Coffee Run 8/5/11: Game of Thrones casting updates, Catwoman in the flesh, Amazing Spiderman #2, etc.

Here’s a widely distributed pic of Henry Cavill in Man of Steel (via The Beat)…And here’s one of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises…(via EW) The stills came out this week on the heels of Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes declaring that, “DC will (continue to) be a major contributor (to Warner […]

Studio Coffee Run SDCC Sunday: Grimm, Cowboys and Aliens, Save the Date, etc.

Not much happened for me personally at Comic Con on Sunday except for getting the frack out of there before getting quashed by a giant menacing smurf but I nonetheless have a bunch of cool schtuff to share from Sunday and previous days…

Studio Coffee Run SDCC Saturday: Walking Dead and True Blood teasers, J.J. Abrams’ Alcatraz pilot etc.

Where’s Merle Dixon? That’s the question AMCTV is posing to Comic Con attendees at The Walking Dead booth. Con-goers can also pose for a shot with an eerilly life-like wax figure of everyone’s favorite racist meth-head and potential zombie convert (or possible governer elect?), Merle Dixon. Series director and producer Frank Darabont announced at the panel yesterday that Season 2 […]

Studio Coffee Run SDCC Thursday: Game of Thrones Panel Highlights

Here’s nearly everything you need to know about Game of Thrones at Comic Con

Studio Coffee Run 7/15/11: Old Boy and Fables rumors, Spider-Man Reboot pics, etc.

Everyone’s wondering what Warner Brothers will do now that the end of Harry Potter is upon us. One save-the-day idea being thrown around is getting the long awaited adaptation of Vertigo’s Fables off the ground.

Nice Art: Lauren Weinstein’s Sit Down Test

I can totally relate to Lauren Weinstein’s latest comic, The Sit Down Test. But not because I’ve recently spawned – I just failed the sit down test miserably and there’s photographic evidence of it! Check that evil dressing room mirror, ladies. And be sure to check out more of Weinstein’s work over at Vineyworld.

To do tonight: Tom Neely’s The Wolf book release party at Secret Headquarters

at The Secret Headquarters Comic Book Shop
3817 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
FRIDAY, July 8th, 2011
8-10 pm
See some of the original art!
Get your books signed!
Come on down and party!

Studio Coffee Run 7/7/11: Derek Kirk Kim’s Mythomania is LIVE, Hobbitses, Captain America marketing, etc.

Pioneering web cartoonist and prolific graphic novelist (with publishers such as Top Shelf, 1st 2nd, and DC), Derek Kirk Kim , can now add pioneering web TV series creator, writer, and director to his CV. Kim’s new web series, Mythomania, just debuted on the youtube and it’s GREAT.

Studio Coffee Run 7/1/11: True Blood Season 4 news and hints, Walking Dead casting news, Guilermo Del Toro’s Hulk TV Series, etc.

Take a spin around the week’s nerd entertainment news with Shannon O’Leary.

Studio Coffee Run 6/24/11: Captain America X 2 already, Powers casting updates, Wonder Woman casting rumors, etc.

The weekly round-up of nerd world media news has Cap II already, a hot Wonder Woman and more!