America's Greatest Otaku

Tokyopop have revealed the teaser trailer for their new show debuting on Hulu in December. You can watch the trailer here on YouTube. The show features Tokyopop’s Stu Levy and his team of interns (the Otaku 6) criss-crossing the USA, visiting anime events and trying to find greatest Otaku. What is an Otaku? Deb Aoki […]

Comics on a Hot Tintin Roof

With images from the upcoming Tintin movies being released I thought it would be a good time to post some photos from my visit to the Hergé Museum earlier this year. The museum is located in in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, about half an hour from Brussels by train. Louvain-la-Neuve is a very new town, and can […]

MCM Thieves

It wasn’t all fun and games at MCM last weekend. The folks at DDR:UK had some supposed journalists steal from their booth Sunday morning. Thankfully the perpetrators were caught, but come on people, don’t do this. On Sunday the 31st of October 2010, at just past 9am in the morning, our webcam was running to […]

To Do this weekend: New England Webcomics Weekend

This weekend, the second New England Webcomics Weekend is happening in Easthampton, MA. Guests are a veritable who’s who of the webcomics world, including R. Stevens (Diesel Sweeties), Chris Hastings (Adventures of Dr. McNinja), Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics), John Allison (Scary Go Round), Kate Beaton (Hark! A Vagrant), and too many more to list. There […]

To Do this weekend: Comica London International Comics Festival

This weekend marks the start of the Comica London International Comics Festival. Over the next month there will be many events including talks by Charlie Adlard (THE WALKING DEAD), Ho Che Anderson (KING), and Bryan Talbot (GRANDVILLE), art exhibitions, launch parties, and the Comiket Independent Comics Fair this weekend. Between November 5 and December 1 […]

Con Report: London MCM Expo, Fall 2010

The combination of Halloween and the MCM Expo in London this past weekend has left me incredibly drained. About 46,500 people attended the three day event, making it the biggest MCM yet. There also seemed to be quite a number of people that didn’t buy tickets and just came to stand around the ExCel centre […]