Indie Month-to-Month Sales: July 2010

Vampires beat zombies this month, as the first issue of IDW’s new series based on the True Blood TV show is the top selling “indie” comic, beating an anniversary issue of The Walking Dead. We’ve also got the first issue of Doctor Solar and a new Star Wars miniseries from Dark Horse, while a new […]


Indie Month-to-Month Sales: June 2010

Buffy may be on a break, but that doesn’t mean that a Joss Whedon book isn’t the top selling “indie” comic this month as Serenity takes the top spot. Further down the list we have lots of Red Sonja comics, a Goon spin-off by Eric Powell, and yet more adaptations of movies and TV shows.

Dark Horse had a 3.53% unit share and a 5.30% dollar share, Image had a 3.38% unit share and a 3.88% dollar share, and IDW had a 3.07% unit share and a 3.67% dollar share.

I’ve listed every “indie” title in the top 200, every title from Image, Darkhorse, and IDW (ie. “the front of Previews”), and a selection of others.

Thanks to and Milton Griepp for permission to use these numbers, which are estimates, and can be found here.


Indie Month-to-Month Sales: May 2010

By Matthew Murray Buffy returned to its usual position of top selling “indie” book this month, but its the last issue before it goes on hiatus for a few months. “Hellboy in Mexico Or, A Drunken Blur” was technically the highest selling number one of the month, though I’m not sure if they bothered putting […]


Indie Month-to-Month Sales: April 2010

The top “indie” book on the charts this month is a $1 issue of The Walking Dead #1. However, none of the other Image $1 books have charted either this month or last, so I’m not sure how accurate this numbers is.

Invincible Returns was the best selling non-reprint #1 of the month, and led to a substantial increase for the regular issue of Invincible as well. While Turf #1, also from Image, was the highest launch of the month.

Image had a 4.26% unit share, and a 3.96% dollar share, Dark Horse had a 3.82% unit share and a 4.88% dollar share, IDW had a 3.41% unit share and a 3.92% dollar share. Dynamite fell to a 2.38% unit share and a 2.33% dollar share.


Ceci n’est pas Tintin

While some comic companies may be shutting down websites that post their comics illegally, Moulinsart, the company which owns the rights to Hergé’s work, is busy suing people that use excerpts from Tintin adventures in scholarly work, launching personal attacks on journalists, and losing millions of euros a year. The Financial Times article has more, […]


Indie Month-to-Month Sales: March 2010

By Matthew Murray

Dynamite grabs the top indie comic spot this month with the first issue of their adaptation of Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet script. However, issue 2 sees a fairly large drop, and people seem unsure if the market can support the five Green Hornet titles Dynamite plans on launching.

Elsewhere on the chart Green Hornet Year One written by Matt Wagner is the second biggest indie launch of the month, The Guild and Terminator are Dark Horse’s newest launches, and Zenescope shipped a lot of books.

IDW had a 3.61% market share, and 4.02% dollar share, Dark Horse had 3.33% market share and 4.76% dollar share (gotta love those trade paperback sales), Dynamite had 3.08% market share and 3.40% dollar share, and Image had 3.01% market share and 3.22% dollar share.

I’ve listed every indie title in the top 225, every Dark Horse, Image, and IDW title in the top 300, and a selection of other titles.

Thanks to and Milton Griepp for permission to use these numbers, which can be found here.