TOY STORY 3 trailer released

The new trailer for TOY STORY 3. Look for a special cameo in the trailer. Some people are already wondering if this can do AVATAR numbers. Well, if they charge $3-5 “3D fees,” I guess it’s possible.

Lost: Sayid shot first

One benefit of this column’s delay is, for once, a chance to read the legions of blogs and chats about the show before writing. So, in lieu of a running diary after the jump, some quick thoughts.

We’re not here to cause no trouble …

The Beat tweets: My billion dollar idea for the day: Peanuts special that airs every year on SB Sunday Eve called “The Day Charlie Brown Kicked the Football” Enjoy the game (or the commercials) if you watch.

Lost: Nothing’s Irreversible.

Time once again for the “Lost” running diary after the jump. Spoilers ahoy, you are forewarned. A brief mention about the clip show before the premiere. Michael Emerson could probably spend the rest of his career doing voice-overs. So very great.

Happy Los- er, Groundhog Day

Finally, that day we’ve been waiting for all year. The season premiere of Lost. I mean, Groundhog Day. Click to see the rest of that rodent-filled cartoon by the great creator of Cul de Sac, Richard Thompson. As for Lost, yes, the recap/discussion thread will return tomorrow for this last season of nerdville’s favorite television […]

T-Minus One Week …

You have seven days to go back and re-watch old episodes to get caught up in time for the season premiere next Tuesday night (fittingly on Groundhog Day). The Helper Monkey has been watching selected shows from all five seasons as a refresher course and has a few observations. — The show is so much […]

Saturday’s New York Post

I guess no one at the Post knows about Rex the Wonder Dog. Enjoy your American football on Sunday. [posted by Mark Coale]

RIP: Eric Rohmer

Film director Eric Rohmer, part of the French New Wave in the 1960s, passed away Monday in Paris at the age of 89. He might be best known in the US for MA NUIT CHEZ MAUD (MY NIGHT WITH MAUD) which was nominated for a Best Screenplay Academy Award in 1971 or his more recent […]

In the tradition of STAR TREK Eggos….

[Warning: no comic book content in this post.]TWILIGHT Candy Hearts for Valentine’s Day? posted by mark coale

TV Reminder: Dr. Who tonight (in America)

If you’re in the Colonies on Boxing Day and missed the first part of David Tennant’s last episode of Doctor Who, remember you can watch it tonight on BBC America (9 PM ET). Non-Spoiler Review: Can the Moffat Era please get here already? Part one of “The End of Time” had all the things that […]

Super Nerd Mash-Up

Yes, Mythbusters will try and build Captain James T. Kirk’s cannon, with which he took on the deadly Gorn. Can the world handle this clash of geekery? [posted by mark coale]

Today’s best news

MST3K ON HULU Joel AND Mike episodes. Only 5 so far, but hey, one of them is the great GIANT GILA MONSTER. Posted by Mark Coale

Can Stately BEAT Manor survive June 12?

In case you missed the just-concluded World Cup Draw, the US and England ended up in the same group and will play each other on June 12th in South Africa. Will there be a second Civil War in the Beat household? By the way, whatever happened to that David Beckham and Posh comic book Stan […]

It’s getting closer

Lost Season 6 Promo (CUATRO) Remember. The Season Five DVD box set drops next week.

I came in here for the special offer

It’s Black Friday, people. Remember to be kind to the harried and overstressed retail employees.

Happy Birthday to THE BEAT

(pretend for the time being there are shirtless pictures of Gerard Butler and Clive [used to be cool before finding out he was a Liverpool fan] Owen here) We’re sure that FMB will give the Beat a wonderful birthday, let’s hope that AMC also delivers a present of a good adaptation of The Prisoner tonight.