Review: The Hic & Hoc Illustrated Journal Of Humor Vol. One


Let me start by saying that THE HIC & HOC ILLUSTRATED JOURNAL OF HUMOR isn’t the most illustrious-looking small press anthology to recently come out. In terms of its sizing and format, this freshman compilation endeavor from Hic & Hoc is quite modest and free from glitzy eye-catching add ons like silk-screened dust jackets or […]

2013 CAKE Programming: Shiga, Renier and more on graphic narrative


Alongside TCAF and SPX, CAKE has aptly been described as one of the best indie comic events around today. This year’s expo swept by just this past weekend and was inarguable amassed with an outpouring of talented artists and creators, brilliant comics, and all around good vibes. The programming this year round was notably shorter […]

“Part adventure, part history lesson, and part treasure hunt”– Antiques Roadshow Anthology Preview


  The countdown to CAKE is looming down to mere hours away and as can be expected, there seems to be an impressive blitz of debuts lined up. One release that could possibly be a shining star is ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, an anthology put together by Collective Stench’s Allison Dubois. A compilation of some of San […]

Preview: THE BOY IN QUESTION by Michael DeForge


Fresh off the heels of a number of illustrious debuts at TCAF as well as nominations for both Eisner and Doug Wright awards, Michael DeForge undeniably inhabits all meaning of unstoppable. And thus, true to form, another release is lined up for this summer, titled THE BOY IN QUESTION, to be released by an additionally noteworthy […]

Kickstarter Watch: Osamu Tezuka’s THE CRATER


For fans of the ever prolific “God of Manga” Osamu Tezuka, we can thank our lucky stars for publishers like Vertical/Viz/Dark Horse for providing stellar translations and compilations of such momentous works like BUDDHA, BLACK JACK, and the recent MESSAGE TO ADOLF.  It’s without a doubt a great time to be an English reader of […]

Preview: Paranoid Apartment by Lala Albert

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 4.57.53 PM

Lala Albert has already received a heap of praise here at The Beat; her bizarre and captivating comics and illustration often feature creatures that straddle the line between being elegant and stirringly frightening. Oftentimes when perusing her artwork, I’m fascinated with the visually articulated figures in her work and the manifold nuances of their inspiration, […]

Picture This: An Evening with Boulet & Gabrielle Bell


For the past month, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy has played host to a very special union of French and New York-based cartoonists and illustrators in their spring celebration, Picture This! The event has already brought to fruition conversations between Hervé Tullet and Mo Willems as well as Alex Alice and Rom Wimberly, and […]

Kickstarter Watch: “Puffed Shoggoths” A H.P. Lovecraft Art Zine!


The boundless influence of horror/fantasy/weird fiction mastermind H.P. Lovecraft is palpable in so many sectors of popular culture today. From the countless punk and metal bands that pay homage to the author in songs and their performative pseudonyms to fictionalized appearances in television and film, the mark of the Necronomicon creator is hard to miss. […]

Preview: Dash Shaw “New Jobs” From Uncivilized Books


  For the legion of Dash Shaw fans and admirers, 2013 has, thus far, been a year of anticipation and enthusiastic anxiousness for the upcoming releases from this multi-talented artist. Fantagraphics already has NEW SCHOOL and 3 NEW STORIES lined up, and Tom Kaczynski’s Uncivilized Books is starting the year off with the release of NEW JOBS, […]

Preview: Hair Shirt By Patrick McEown

Hairshirt_CVR_978-1-906838-27-0 (1)

Perhaps taking a note from recent Anglouleme-winner Glyn Dillon’s triumphant return to comics with THE NAO OF BROWN, Abrams ComicArts and SelfMadeHero are releasing a new graphic novel from another accoladed artist, Patrick McEown, who previously worked on such popular series as GRENDEL: WAR CHILD as well as collaborating with Mike Mignola. With HAIR SHIRT, […]

Preview: Julio’s Day By Gilbert Hernandez

8433373915_e883d9b275_o (1)

  A remarkable fusing of underground and mainstream comic tradition, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez’s Love & Rockets still remains as noteworthy and distinctive since its launch more than 30 years ago. The numerous extended stories enveloped in the series, often presented in a drastic rendition of narrative elision,  allowed for such a diverse breadth of […]

Preview: Foreigners By Patrick Kyle


  Continuing their mini-series releases, SPACE FACE BOOKS is gearing up for another string of tiny-sized comics from some of indie’s most notable cartoonists. Joining the likes of ALEX SCHUBERT, CHARLES FORSMAN, and SIMON HANSELMANN, Toronto’s PATRICK KYLE is throwing his name in with the release of FOREIGNERS, a short story that takes a look […]

Preview: Tusen Hjärtan Stark Anthology By Domino Books


  2012 was a great year in terms of indie anthology releases. With works like SECRET PRISON 7, THICKNESS, and GANG BANG BONG setting the stage for visually riveting compilations of experimental and provocative comic storytelling, it seems like 2013 will indefinitely have some surprises in store. New York’s DOMINO BOOKS is dipping their feet […]

To Do TONIGHT: Happiness #3 Launch


Amidst a Hurricane Sandy-fuel hiatus, the third installment of HAPPINESS, a biannual art and comic anthology set to expose and spread a refreshing breadth of talent, is finally completed and ready to make its debut TONIGHT at NYC’s Cake Shop.

Bring in the Holidays with a SELFMADEHERO Giveaway!


2012 has been a spectacular year of releases for London’s SelfMadeHero. Ranging from the histrionic visionary account of the People’s Republic of China in A CHINESE LIFE to the triumphant return of SANDMAN alum Glyn Dillon in the breathtaking THE NAO OF BROWN, SelfMadeHero exemplifies the diverse breadth of the graphic novel medium. Their US […]

Kickstarter Alert: Angie Wang for LA Game Space


Angie Wang has garnered some impressive notoriety for her fresh and surrealistic illustrations as well as her comic work (such as GIRL APOCALYPSE and SP7 to name a few), but this next project for the Portland-based illustrator extraordinaire takes her work into a (literal) new dimension. Working with LA Game Space, a nonprofit center for […]