Review: Some Picks from the Spring Oily Bundle

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It’s hard to convince me to not contribute to the growing number of small press comic subscriptions–every season there seems to be even more great material I want to get my hands onto, and it’s a rather addicting cycle of excitement whenever there’s a new package at my door. Oily has proven to be an exceptionally […]

Review: The Nonadult Delight of Miss Hennipin


The idea for Miss Hennipin, a new release from Sonatina’s Andy Douglas Day, began as a summer day’s unassuming illustrative dalliance and briskly developed into Day’s main creative output. Now fully realized into a loaded 164 page, color-filled book, Miss Hennipin is another supplement to the diverse and teeming indie comics milieu, upholding the kind […]

The Aesthetic Hybridity of Fumio Obata’s ‘Just So Happens’


Just So Happens By Fumio Obata Published by Jonathan Cape Buy This Book Upon first impression of Fumio Obata’s new graphic novel, Just So Happens, I was struck with a lot of similar impressions that arose whilst reading a related, albeit a hastily associated work, Glyn Dillon’s Nao of Brown. Sure, both recount stories about […]

Mike Taylor: NO/FUTURE


“Culture seeks narrators and fiction is a narrative prerogative.” This quote is supplemented above a two image spread, each featuring brushstrokes of a blackened sea of blank and blurred faces, an anonymous audience awaiting some kind of address, be it from a political leader or a band frontman, and yet what is captured in the […]

Keeping It Personal: An Interview with the folks behind Paper Jam Small Press Festival


Amidst the flurry of hatchling conventions and festivals vying for big names and even bigger turnouts, this past Saturday’s Paper Jam Small Press Festival was a welcome arrival to the growing list of comics and zine fairs. Nestled within Bushwick’s multi-functional arts and music venue, The Silent Barn, Paper Jam marked a refreshing intersection of […]

A Review of Spider’s Pee-Paw #2: Pushing Towards a Sensory Overload


  Behind the bright, fluorescent palettes and at times overwhelming visual blitz of both familiar and obscured images, the anthology Spider’s Pee-Paw #2 takes a stab at staging a refreshing take on the rather jockey presence of Tumblr aesthetics, unabashedly moshing together pieces that explore the moments where visual and material culture interface. Edited by […]

Review: J.1137 By Antoine Cosse


  Taking a look at 2013’s releases from London-based indie publisher, Breakdown Press, it becomes quite clear that their roster of up-and-coming artists are dedicated to exploring the medium of comics as more than merely an object to be read. Joe Kessler’s two volume collection Windowpane has received the kind of acclaim for its incomparable […]

Alison Bechdel and Hillary Chute Reunite At NYU for a Distinguished Faculty Lecture


It’s been more than a year since Alison Bechdel and Hillary Chute publicly convened at 2012’s momentous Comics: Philosophy and Practice conference, an event personally significant to both Chute and Bechdel due in part to their collaborative efforts in originating the influential assemblage along with their own partnership in teaching a University of Chicago course […]

Review: Gut Feelings By Leah Wishnia


On the surface, Leah Wishnia’s anthology GUT FEELINGS visually reads as a tornado of frenetic and (at times) grotesque imagery, brimming with a stream of both rambunctious and tortured characters who are pitched in a mosaic of revolving hallucinogenic experience. It could easily be shelved amongst the vast anthologies from fellow young underground cartoonists, as […]

On The Scene: The Highs and Lows of CAB Programming

Credit: Bill Kartalopoulos's Twitter

Marking one of the last comics festivals of the year, Comic Arts Brooklyn dashed through Brooklyn, beginning with an array of exhibitions and animation screenings, and culminating in the day long celebration of today’s current indie comics as well as those of generations past. Mirroring the now defunct BCGF, this years CAB remained on trend […]

CAB Preview: Life Zone by Simon Hanselmann


Underground comics have made household names for a number of comics creators, whom at the forefront exposed a new era of radically unorthodox drawing styles and subject matters, but also whose eccentric personalities and antics made them as recognizable as the work they were putting out. It’s hard to fully comprehend a work like CEREBUS […]

CAB Preview: Windowpane 2 By Joe Kessler


  Out of all the stunning and various paraphernalia I hauled away from last year’s BCGF, one of the books that clung most to my mind’s eye was the London micropublisher Breakdown Press‘s debut endeavor, WINDOWPANE by Joe Kessler. It’s hard to pinpoint precisely what element of the book was the most striking—Kessler imaginatively accomplished […]

CAB Preview: Comics Workbook Magazine


  Since its inception into the vast Tumblr-sphere, Comics Workbook has profoundly reshaped and reinvigorated the communal mold of social blogging for cartoonists and readers alike. While the phenomenon of Tumblr has already served to blossom the indie comics community, Comics Workbook has proven to be an exceptional outlet for different comics creators to display […]

CAB Preview: Keep Fresh by Zejian Shen


  From the ongoing serial PARTY PLANS to her editorial handiwork in the anthology DIMENSIONS, the resounding and gripping nature of Zejian Shen’s work have marked her as a luminary young cartoonist to keep your eyes peeled on. At the core of her comics is the undeniably imaginative and surreal design of her characters; their […]

Image Wrestling and Whispering: Lynda Barry’s Kaleidoscopic Modus in Girlhood Through the Looking Glass


  The swing of this year’s SDCC has finally begun to wind down, and while there was inarguably no lack in the immense influx of comics/movie/merchandise-related news, there was amazingly still a capacity for SDCC to focus on and feature the burgeoning comic academic scene. Along with this year’s Comics Art Conference, the Eisner Awards […]

CCA Kicks Off COMICS IN THE CITY: Creating Character with Cathy Malkasian


With the induction of the MFA in comics program one year in, California College of the Arts have launched an ambitious and altogether stirring month-long lecture series, entitled COMICS IN THE CITY, showcasing four select comic creators with diversified industry backgrounds to speak about a range of topics surrounding the comics medium today. Taking place […]