Indie Month-to-Month Sales January 2015: Return of Comics Past


By Kate Reynolds

If December was a rough month for comics, January gives us glimpses of several titles that haven’t been on the chart for quite some time. Titles like Purgatori from Dynamite Entertainment, Borderlands Fall of Fyrestone from IDW, and Zero from Image made reappearances that let us know how these series were doing.

This month 142 independent titles hit the top 300 list, which is up from last month’s total of 133. Even with the addition of nine titles to the list, sales were down 7.6% compared to last month’s 1,506,427. That brings the average number of comics sold to 9,867, which is also down from last month. There’s plenty of room for these numbers to grow in the year 2015.

Review: ‘Lady Sabre’ Kickstarter Package Delivers


By Matt O’Keefe After backing the campaign last June, I was extremely pleased to receive a shipment in December containing my reward from the Kickstarter for Lady Sabre, a webcomic created by Greg Rucka, Rick Burchett and Eric Newsom. It took twelve months longer than anticipated to get my copy, but the creative team delivered a very special edition that […]

Interview: Jeff McComsey Talks Going to War with the Latest FUBAR Kickstarter

By The Sword

The FUBAR comic books might not be familiar to the traditional Wednesday Warrior, but they’re a major player in the growing zombie and anthology markets. Even though the one time it strayed from its anthology roots its Kickstarter raised over $95,000, FUBAR is committing to sharing a selection of short stories by a variety of […]

Advance Review: The Fox Takes Something Borrowed and Makes It Something New

Cover by Dean Haspiel

The Fox, with story & line art by Dean Haspiel, script by Mark Waid, and colors by Allen Passalaqua, opens in media res with our titular hero tied up, lamenting his bad luck, and wishing for an ibuprofin. It’s a Spider-Man-like How did I get into this mess? inner monologue that introduces a delightfully self-deprecating superhero who’s already in over his head.

Interview: James Kochalka conjures up the latest adventure of The Glorkian Warrior


In anticipation of this week’s new release, The Glorkian Warrior Eats Adventure Pie, we chat with its creator

Irwin Hasen Loverboy by Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson

Irwin Hasen by Drew Friedman from Heroes of the Comics.

One of my earliest memories from my grandmother and granddaddy Pickens’ house in Brewton, Alabama is lying on the floor in the den in front of the old gas heater reading the “funny papers.” I couldn’t read the words but I loved the pictures and two of my favorites were Pogo and Dondi. I was […]

Advance Review- Rebels #1 gives new meaning to “Live Free or Die”


by Alexander Lu Story: Brian Wood Art: Andrea Mutti Colors: Jordie Bellaire Letters: Jared K. Fletcher New Hampshire’s state motto, “Live Free or Die,” has always captivated me.  It’s raw and aggressive.  It’s frenetic and energetic in a way that captures the revolutionary feel of a newborn nation struggling to find its footing.  While Breaking […]

Robert Kondo and Daisuke “Dice” Tsutsumi team up with First Second to further explore the world of The Dam Keeper


The celebrated Oscar-nominated animated short will live on in graphic novel form next year

Interview: Eric Trautmann on Designing Worlds with Greg Rucka and Making His Own

Lazarus HC Cover

Eric Trautmann is probably currently best known in the comics industry for his collaborations with comics author and novelist Greg Rucka, originally as an editor and sometimes co-writer. Most recently, though, he has been working with the co-creator of Lazarus and Lady Sabre as a graphic designer. Trainman flaunts his impressive design skills in the pages […]

Interview: Shawn Daley Kickstarts a Whole New World Called TerraQuill


By Matt O’Keefe Short stories are a dying breed in mainstream comics, so often the best offerings are found in the independent scene. Such is the case with books like Cartozia Tales and, more to the point, TerraQuill by Shawn Daley. Like Cartozia, TerraQuill builds a whole world pages at a time. Each of the ten stories delivers […]

Indie Month-to-Month Sales December 2014: It’s a Bitch Planet type month


December felt like a rough month for comics, with seven titles seeing a drop of over 40% of their readers. The month wasn’t all bad, however, as it also saw the release of Bitch Planet from Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro. It had the highest release of December, followed by Rumble (Image), Hellboy and the BRPD (Dark Horse), and The Valiant (Valiant Entertainment).

Marvel Month to Month Sales Charts December 2014: Time is Running Out for Marvel


Welcome to my 12th and final month as your guide through Marvel’s sales numbers. Due to some career changes and advancements that my family and I have made, I can no longer write these articles. It has been fun and a great learning experience, and I thank you for joining me. But enough about me, let’s look at the monthly breakdown.

Review: Spider-Gwen #1 Packs a Pun-ch


200,000 pre-orders and many months in the making, Spider-Gwen #1 has finally arrived, bringing with her vibrant artwork and what is surely an outrageous cell phone bill.

Curb Stompage, Tiger Law and More with Ryan Ferrier [Interview]


By Matt O’Keefe Ryan Ferrier jumpstarted his comic book writing career with the self-published Tiger Lawyer in 2010. In it he playfully poked at the wide breadth of interpretations of licensed characters, both story-wise and artistically, by splitting his creator-owned comic into two parts: one goofy and broad and the other dark and gritty, but both about the same protagonist. From […]

Interview: JP Ahonen on drawing bears, Sing no Evil and the Finnish comics scene


Finnish cartoonist JP Ahonen made a splash last year with his energetic graphic novel Sing No Evil (co-written by KP Alare), about a rock band that has to struggle not only with rival musicians but a supernatural invasion of their home town. Originally published in Finland, Abrams brought out the English edition. Here he talks about making the book, sequel plans and what comics are like in his native land.

DC Comics Month-to Month Sales: December 2014 – A Darwyn Cooke Overture


Greetings, sales charts fans! It’s time once again to look at DC’s sales figures.

December was a good news/bad news month for DC. The good news is that they had the #1 comic for December (Batman) and they won the unit market share, based mostly on the fact that they pushed out a ton of product. (December was a five week month but most other publishers treated it like a four week month.) The bad news is that sales were down month-to-month across most of the DCU titles, both as a line average and on most of the individual titles as well. (The release of an issue of Sandman Overture kept the average of DC as a whole from going down.)

Looking at all of this month’s numbers after last month’s lends some credence to there having been some sort of small LEGO cover boost in November that is being corrected for in December’s numbers. Which seeing as (imho) the December Darwyn Cooke covers were much more interesting than the LEGO covers is a bit disappointing. But hey, LEGO is a known quantity to people outside of the comics club and retailers may have been banking on a few extra sales of the LEGO covers outside of their regular clientele. Or maybe I’m just imagining things in the data that aren’t really there.