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I don’t mean to alienate a good 8 million people, but is Washington DC a strange place or what?

Go to the Corcoran Gallery near The Memorial and check out Ansel Adams in one wing, and Annie Liebowitz directly across. It’s a somewhat peculiar experience – smallish pictures of vast mountain vistas one second, and then huge portraits of celebrities in various stages of undress. What ends up happening is a glamorification of Yosemite National and a landscaping of Susan Sontag.

Meanwhile back in Europe, TV broadcasters just got the greenlight to advertise via product placement. They’re calling it, “Television sans Frontieres.” Talk about a bad appropriation of a well-meaning formula. As if everything wasn’t already an advertisement. I just can’t believe it wasn’t already happening.

2008 Eisner Judges Announced

(Via CBR) The 2008 Eisner Judges have been announced.

(Please forgive my second-sourcing blog news items. I know it’s not the best netiquette but I’m just a guest-blogger?)

Speaking of Major Dailies

The LA Times’ Geoff Boucher on Marvel’s digital comics archive.


Speaking of (Wonder) Woman…

The NY Times profiles DC’s first ongoing woman writer for Wonder Woman – Gail Simone, who also started “Women in Refrigerators.”

This (Women in Refrigerators) is a list I made when it occurred to me that it’s not that healthy to be a female character in comics. I’m curious to find out if this list seems somewhat disproportionate, and if so, what it means, really.

These are superheroines who have been either depowered, raped, or cut up and stuck in the refrigerator. I know I missed a bunch. Some have been revived, even improved — although the question remains as to why they were thrown in the wood chipper in the first place.

Women. (sigh)

Which came first, the thong or the asshole?

Arguments for/against women being marketed for their looks are at least as old as Marisha Pessl. Second-wave feminism ebbed just in time for “computer technology” to give us “faceless egalitarianism.” So it should come as no surprise that there is a woman game programmer/producer who is being both parodied and praised for being hot.

Someone apparently made parodic digital-porn starring Jade Raymond (hot game programmer in question), but that someone (David Cheung) claims women bring it on themselves by marketing good looks in the first place (an advantage he thinks even Brad Pitt couldn’t take in the game industry). Though to be fair, from what I can gather, Jade Raymond isn’t exactly walking around in a thong.

“Jade Raymond,” argument courtesy Holly at La Feministe (the hottie) v. Horny otaku, as partially represented by David Cheung (the notties)

I’m not going to bother taking sides, because at the end of the day, I have more pity than disdain for otaku who troll for digital porn, and more envy than praise for successful hot ladies.

It’s just a shame the argument can’t really go anywhere. For starters, the “what if the tables were turned” argument made by Team Feminism doesn’t work because time machines and parallel universes have yet to be discovered. Conditional arguments (“If she were a man…” “If she were stupid…” “If she’d won the Nobel Prize…” “If gamers weren’t pigs…”), though extremely popular with feminists and affirmative activists rarely win because there is always someone ready to bust their tautological trump card statements:

I’m just being honest.
It just is what it is.
Hey, I’m not the one who created this industry.

If versus Is, folks. Who do you think wins that fight?

On the other hand, the porn-artist isn’t doing himself any favors antagonizing beautiful women and upstanding moral citizens (whom he refers to as “moralfags”)…in subliterate English. It’s too bad because I can almost sense a coherent statement in his rant until it just reads like spam. He’s no Mailer, I’ll say that much.

(Thanks for the heads up Heidi.)
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WGA Writer’s Strike: Slogan’s Heroes

The writers are still striking. Godspeed, o scribes! Nay the nectar of thine muse doth protest ill…

An oldie but goodie:

WIRED magazine blog points out the irony of WGA protest signs being so lame.

They may be able to pen some of the most riveting dramas and hilarious comedies this side of the Atlantic, but Writers Guild of America members can’t seem to be bothered to think up a witty slogan — and everyone’s a critic.

Jamie Lee Curtis, who writes children’s books when she’s not fighting hermaphrodite rumors, spent a post on the Huffington Post on the topic.

I am for the writers. They are the starting point for any movie or TV project so without a writer, there is no content. My beef is that the slogans that they are chanting are so poorly written.

“What do we want?… INTERNET!… When do we want it?… NOW!”

That’s the best these writers can come up with?

Too bad her suggestions are just as lame.

But that’s not all. They started a WGA Strike Slogan Contest. Below, arguably the best entrty:

We write, they wrong.


Hey y’all. It’s Anne Ishii, previously of Vertical, guest-blogging for the next few days alongside Mark. I hope you had wonderful Thanksgivings. i.e. Not the kind where you go to the movies alone and then get sick on popcorn and your flask of plasticky bourbon, come home, and watch ten hours of Law&Order. [Having done these things on holidays previous, I empathize and feel the immunity to ridicule.]

So…let’s start this baby right. First, this wouldn’t be a comics blog without mention of Neil Gaiman in a context other than his own writing.

Gaiman Pimps Amazon Kindle. [I couldn’t help but notice though, the footage is unusually long. Viz: “Director” cycling his fingers and nodding at Gaiman, gesturing to keep going because it’s great; yelling “cut!” only after he’s passed out.]

Second, this wouldn’t be a blog if I weren’t making fun of someone.

Canadian Choreographs Interpretive Dance Piece About Manga

Poor guy gets torn apart by this Toronto Star Dance Critic.