How a toxic history of harassment has damaged the comics industry


At the recently concluded Small Press Expo in Bethesda a very cool thing happened. A bunch of awards were presented to several talented, unique cartoonists who are turning out though provoking, beautifully crafted work, influential work. The winners were all popular and well deserved. And they all happened to be women. It was a thing, for sure, and much talked about. What struck me, first off, was just how strong the work was–Sophie Goldstein’s multi leveled future history of a world where having a baby became a rebellious act, Emily Carroll’s mastery of horror and structure, Eleanor Davis’s powerful examination of self-sabotaging quests for self-esteem in many settings.

The other thing that struck me was the contrast with the other conversations I was having at the show. Talking with people I used to work with in the “mainstream” comics industry about the long lists of men who would never have given Goldstein, Carroll or Davis a shot at telling their stories. Because they are women, and those people didn’t think women could make good comics.


To do: Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, a show focused on actual comics, launches today


Today Cartoon Crossroad Columbus kicks off its soft launch in Columbus, Oh, the new comics mecca. The show is being held in conjunction with SOL-CON: The Black & Brown Comix Expo 2015, also kicking off tonight. The entire schedule can be seen here.


31 Days of Halloween: All the Halloween ComicFest exclusives

HCF15_Action Lab_MD Strong Mid Tgr

  YES! Right on schedule the weather cooled down and it’s time for the best month of the year! Fire up your pumpkin flavored snacks and glow in the dark nail art! Halloween has now become a comic book holiday with the Halloween ComicFest for participating comics retailers. This year there will be costume contest and […]


NYCC ’15: EXCLUSIVE! All the panel listings in one place


    As in year’s past we are lucky to present to you a complete TEXT listing of the panels for this year’s New York Comic Con. Although ReedPop’s site has them all listed in various editable and serachable ways, it’s still impossible to see everything with all panelists listed in one go. So here […]


Diamond Summit ’15: The slowdown is here


Comics sales have been growing and continue to grow, but we’re definitely entering a period of retrenchment and contraction for many, as I reported from this year’s Diamond Retailer summit for PW in a story called At Diamond Summit, Cracks in Comics Market Come to Fore. Pretty much every company has some kind of adjustment […]


Zdarsky declines his Harvey Award, questioning vetting process

When this year’s Harvey Award nominations were announced, there was even more than the usual controversy. Primary among them was the nomination of two decade+ comics veterans in the “Most Promising Newcomer” category. But there was also the matter of Chip Zdarsky being nominated for the Special Award of Humor for Sex Criminals…a book which […]


Speaking of Squirrel Girl, here’s a totes adorbs look at the new #1


They said it couldn’t last, but The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl made the cut to all new, all different, all post Secret Wars Marvel and here’s a peek at the first issue, which hits in October. Writer Ryan North and artist Erica Henderson have made this a kicky title in the Batgirl/Lumberjanes tradition that has sold […]


One more Masashki Kishimoto event added for NYCC week


As you might guess, the first ever appearance of Naruto creator Masashki Kishimoto during NYCC has led to a lot of excitement…and sold out events. To give fans one more chance to see The Man, a talk at the Apple store Soho has been added on October 7th at 7PM. 

Kishimoto is here to promote […]


Must Read: The Devastator ends as monthly magazine but continues as book line


Amanda Meadows—just recently named to PW’s Star Watch 2015 list– is the co-publisher of the hilarious comedy magazine The Devastator and the driving force behind the Con Exhibitor Survey which we co-sponsored last year (2015 edition coming!) She is certainly a star to watch, but on the Devastator tumblr yesterday she announced that the magazine […]


Awesome Con joins LeftField Media as new con entity grows


A new con conglomerate is on the scene with LeftField Media LLC, launched last year by Greg Topalian, founder of New York Comic Con and some colleagues. They’ve been jetting around teaming with some of the smaller shows on the circuit as opposed to launching new ones — which on the crowded con circuit would […]


NL East champion Mets rookies caught in Underoo controversy


It was “Rookie hazing weekend’ in major league baseball, as new players were forced to undergo a rite of passage that speaks to traditional tribal notions of “crossing over” and appropriating the garb of different tribes or genders to signal their initiation into a wider role in society. Plus, guys in their underwear.


Complete 2015 Harvey Award Winners: SAGA dominates once more


Here’s the complete list of winners from the Harvey Award banquet on Saturday, September, 26th. Saga dominated as usual. Some Pr about the awards left off Jules Feiffer being inducted into the Harvey Award Hall of Fame, alongside his mentor Will Eisner. Vivek J. Tiwary was the polished and personable host. And the winners are: […]


Live blogging the Harveys 2015


Welcome to the pageantry and passion of the Harveys! We’re here finishing up our crab cakes at the Banquet and awards administrator Paul McSpadden is welcoming attendees and thanking the sponsors. Soon we’ll have all the winners and moving moments as Vivek J. Tiwary hosts for the first time! Vivek is up and he’s thankful […]


Retailer Summit ’15: DC shows off Dark Knight III slipcase


Dark Knight III: The Master Race by Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson is the biggest thing in a while for DC. All 8 issues will be printed in hardcover album editions a week after the regular editions and these will be collected in a slipcase which ships with the 8th issue. […]


Retailer Summit ’15; The Script for Afterlife with Archie #9 is in


Although there has been much discussion lately about Afterlife with Archie, the script for issue #9 by Roberto Aguirre Sacasa has been turned in and editor Mike Pellerito was showing it off to retailers at the Diamond Retailers Summit being held today in Baltimore. He stressed that there was date for when artist Francesco Francavilla […]


Ta-Nehisi Coates really enjoyed his first day as a Marvel writer


There is no matter more important in the United States right now than the matter of race. Between mass incarceration, permanent economic disadvantages, lack of access to health care and education, police shootings and the rise of overt racism it’s never been clearer that there are two Americas, and if you’re black, you don’t get […]