At last! Woodgod as you have never seen him before!


We’ve been talking about the Woodgod revival for years, and finally, courtesy of Dean Haspiel and STRANGE TALES II, it is happening! Yes! Woodgod is getting his own revamp! The old idea drawer is now EMPTIED! Haspiel writes:

Perhaps foolishly, I decided to attempt the impossible and make Woodgod honorable. My personal challenge was to banish Woodgod from the bad character idea drawer, pay homage to my favorite Marvel anthology, MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE [which featured my favorite Marvel character, The Thing], and high-five Jack Kirby. This fall, Marvel will publish the results and fans will decide if I prevailed.

A new era of storytelling can begin at last.


  1. Casey says

    I’ve read WOODGOD’s first and only appearance, and I do not recommend it. It’s all downhill from the Kirby cover.

  2. Cory!! Strode says

    Woodgod had a second appearance in Marvel Team Up. Fighting the Hulk. I have read both and still know nothing about the character.

  3. Synsidar says

    I bought MARVEL FEATURE #31, featuring Woodgod, when it came out, and I think I still have it, in a closet in my parents’ house. What he did in that comic, though — I couldn’t tell someone that if my life depended on it. That’s how unmemorable he was.


  4. says

    c’mon, guys, it’s hard being the only digitigrade superhero (look it up if you don’t know it, it’s cool).
    To me, this is sort of an Ed Wood comic- not just bad but- very odd.

  5. Ballastrada says


    Sorry, he isn’t even the first one at Marvel. Gorgon beat him to that title by a long shot.

  6. says

    Oh, I remember at the time, in middle school, thinking that one-shot was brilliant! But I can’t wait to see what Dean does with this.

  7. says

    I was in 6th grade when that one-shot came out, but I have very fond memories of it. I think the “popular dismissal” is a bit underserved.
    Then again, maybe I should re-read it…

  8. hondobrode says

    That was one of my first comics. I ripped open one of those 70’s polybag sets to get it. Not sure I still have it but I hope I do. Probably haven’t read it in 30 years !

    Looking forward to Dean Haspiel’s version in Strange Tales !

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