Arflovers now with RSS!

Cc 3D Cover2Craig Yoe’s funtastic Arflovers blog has relaunched today with an rss feed and permalinks and everything just like a real blog so now we can link to it with abandon. If you’ve been missing Craig’s sometimes NSFW tribute to wackiness you have been missing not only pages of old comics art, and cartoonist news, but pictures of sexy Wonder Woman’s throwing up into toilets and other bizarro must sees. Not to mention plenty of plugs for his upcoming CLEAN CARTOONISTS, DIRTY DRAWINGS book. Bookmark now!


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    hey, sexy photos of women and men dressed as wonder woman aren’t the only salacious photos i have on the blog. there’s a permanent pic of sexy heidi macdonald in the right hand column of the new arf lovers blog. homina, homina!

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    Please excuse Mr. Yoe’s crudeness to Ms. MacDonald. Craig’s whacky, tacky, juicy, racy, comic-obsessed blog is one of the reasons I pay my Internet service tab every month.

    Arflovers a wowser!

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    mike your blog ain’t no slouchy kind off thang either-i absolutely love it, man! (it could use a few more pics of wonder woman throwing up in the toilet however).

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