Another day, another celebrity comic

I remember the days when someone with an IMDB page expressing interest in comic books was seen as some kind of validation of comics in the larger cultural fabric. Now it’s just…look, I’m not going to accept the Black Eyed Peas into the tribe, sorry. I gotta feeling about WIZARDS & ROBOTS, a one-shot to be written by BEP’s and Brian David Johnson, futurist for chipmaker Intel, with art by Adam Archer. We’re told that “WIZARDS & ROBOTS takes readers on a vivid, evocative journey through thrilling new worlds. Over WIZARDS & ROBOTS’ 48 pages, readers will travel untold distances to experience the tale of an unthinkably massive battle.”

In a surprise twist, the battle is to escape from a Forever 21 where the Black Eyed Peas are playing over the PA.


  1. Synsidar says

    Who is the celebrity involved here?

    That’s of the Black Eyed Peas.


  2. Corey Bean says

    I would have figured he could get a movie deal without have to go the placeholder comic book route.

  3. Chris Hero says

    Fake geek girl: the hip-hop edition? Can we have some manufactured outrage over this? I don’t know about comics, but is a certified music nerd. I remember seeing these guys open for a concert in 1997 and talking to about music. It wouldn’t surprise me if he likes comics.

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