Announcing: Womanthology


Artist Renae De Liz (THE LAST UNICORN) is putting her energy where her mouth is and compiling WOMANTHOLOGY, an anthology of female creators, with a lineup that includes:

Gail Simone (DC writer, Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Secret Six)
Annie Nocenti (Marvel writer, Dardevil, Editor for Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants)
Ming Doyle (Boom, Image, Marvel artist)
Devin Grayson (DC writer; Batman, Nightwing, New Titans)
Lauren Montgomery (Director & Storyboard Artist – Justice League, DC)
Fiona Staples (DC, Wildstorm, IDW , Vertigo artist)
June Brigman (Creator; Brenda Starr, Power Pack)
Samantha Newark (Voice of JEM, Singer/Vocals – God of War, Hook)
Bonnie Burton (

The project has just launched a Kickstarter campaign. Although IDW will publish the book, the profits will be going to a charity. However, De Liz needs $25,000 to pay for production.

Here’s the promo video:



  1. Dave Elliott says:

    Why no posts?

    This looks an Absolutely Fabulous project!!

    I really recommend setting up a group for it on DeviantART. There is soooo much good talent there (and female) to tap into.

  2. Deaf65 says:

    Even though I am a male but I have three daughters with one of them with a love of drawing and writing so I am going to post it and share on Facebook to promote them to donate some to this great project! Go female creators go!

  3. Amanda Conner?

    This looks like a blast. Will be donating.

  4. X-fan says:

    Best Kickstarter promo ever. Good luck to them.

  5. barry buchanan says:

    Looks like they are up to around $15 grand!
    Way to go, Renae!

  6. Actually, there IS a Deviant Art group.

  7. Andrew Farago says:

    They hit their goal almost overnight, which is really impressive. Yesterday’s publicity surge must have reached all the right people.

  8. It has been incredible! About to hit $55,000 and 1,000 backers! So much generosity!

    I’m the husband of the Project Mastermind, Renae De Liz. I’m so dang proud! Just got press on FORBES, and Wasthington Post, about to have Publisher’s Weekly. It’s insane. Thank you, COMICS BEAT for being one of the first to cover it!!!


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