Jim Woodring homage enlightens the children on Adventure Time

James Kochalka alertly spotted a tribute/homage/rip-off of Jim Woodring’s peculiar iconography on the cartoon ADVENTURE TIME, which generally features lots of art-comix references and tributes. The essential education of America’s youth proceeds apace.


  1. mr. pants says

    Is there a tumblr of some sort chronicling this stuff? If not, there should be.

  2. says

    Andy Ristaino, whose comics The Babysitter and Life of a Fetus are awesomely weird, is a character designer on Adventure time! It’s required watching in the de Guzman-Belew household.

  3. says

    One of the few really good cartoons both child and parent can watch together. Love the comic book aspect of it.

    Also Regular Show. Best 1 hour block of cartoons on tv!

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