All your base has belonged to us for 10 years

Hard to believe it’s been a decade since this, one of the very earliest of internerd memes, hit the pixels.

Someone set us up the bomb. Then this was piquant and fresh. Now it’s Tosh.0. Luckily the internet is being used for more useful things, like toppling dictators.

UPDATE: As pointed out in the comments, the original flash was created by BadCRC of




  1. You’re talking about the flash video, right? Because I’m pretty sure the animated gif was floating around for a good while before that.

    Of all things, why is it this that makes me feel old?

  2. February 2001 is when the meme hit mainstream media, mostly via the video. The game existed for ten years before it hit the Internet.

  3. Jasper says:

    FTR, the flash was made by BadCRC of fame.

  4. Time flies when you’re on reddit and the chans.

  5. Xenos says:

    Wow. Yeah. That’s one internet joke meme that predates YouTube by some years. That, Gonads and Strife, and Hyakugojyuuichi. Geez. Them were the days.

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