Alimagno ankling Marvel

201111290257 Alimagno ankling MarvelTalent Coordinator Bon Alimagno is leaving Marvel to take a job with software company The Apollo Group. At Marvel Alimagno worked closely with Senior Vice President, Business Affairs & Talent Management David Bogart on freelancer scheduling and handling. He was formerly the editor at Harris Comics, overseeing the adventures of Vampirella.


  1. Good guy…Amanda and I wish him luck in his new venture.

  2. Good for him! I enjoyed working with Bon on a few articles when Vampirella was a magazine w/comics.

    If you’re reading, Bon, congratulations! Good luck!

  3. Great guy! Good luck in the new job, Bon!

  4. Rock out with your C*#K out, Bon!

  5. Bon’s a great talent, and knows how to work with people and make people work effectively. With a name like the Apollo Group, maybe they need a comics line…. hmm..

  6. David Gallaher says:

    Cheers, Bon!

  7. Todd Allen says:

    IIRC, Apollo Group is the parent company for the University of Phoenix. This would explain all those Phoenix teasers Marvel’s been running.

  8. Jg (Justin F. Gabrie) says:

    Marvel’s loss is Apollo’s gain. All the best, Bon!

  9. Bon Alimagnio says:

    Thanks, everyone! Greatly appreciated!

  10. Coleen says:

    Congrats Bon!! Wishing you all the best! You are one of the most brilliant people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. :)

  11. Jesus Aburtov says:

    La mejor de las suertes en Apollo, amigo!

  12. ‘Ankling’? Off to look up that usage. Best of luck to Bon!

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