Alan Moore walks around, sees protesters in V masks; finds them good

Channel 4 has managed a video of Alan Moore walking around town and chatting with some Occupy protesters in V for Vendetta masks, who tell him his work was an inspiration for their actions. And what does he think?

“I’m amazed, very impressed and I’m rather touched. I think this is the best organized and most forward thinking protest that I have ever had experience of.” 2012 1 12 164811 Alan Moore walks around, sees protesters in V masks; finds them good

The video is great if only for the scenes of the magisterial Moore striding about a graveyard with his walking stick. Moore amiably chats about the need for protest, and how his work might have influenced the protesters. And the package includes one of the BEST comics interview effects we’ve seen — a plug-in, posterized panel of Moore talking inserted into a background of one of his comics. Great but now that it’s been done, no one else can use it.


  1. Nicely done. There was more meat in that than I expected.

  2. Horatio Weisfeld says:

    WOW/Cool— In 25+ years I’ve never seen the guy appear out and about
    like this.

    Thanks to both Alan Moore and Frank Miller for decades of thoughtful entertainment.

    Where ever people arrive at, right, left, up, down, fat or skinny, some leave standards to be met- and for that we should all be grateful.

  3. Coming Up Next: Frank Miller visits a Tea Party rally.

  4. I’m not sure I agree with their views on ‘America’, and Frank Miller (while undoubtably an artist) is certainly a raving lunatic.

  5. I’m genuinely curious what Moore and Miller think of each other’s work.

  6. george says:

    Here are some Moore comments about Miller’s work. They aren’t very flattering!

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