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Adhouse to publish Boulet’s The Darkness

ad.darkness.preview 00001.jpg
You may not know the name Boulet, but this French artist is one of the most prolific and talented cartoonists working. Maybe you will recall his disgustingly accomplished 24-hour comic from last year, THE DARKNESS. Or his blog, which includes English versions of his comics. That first link is getting a printed version in the US, courtesy of AdHouse. It’s due in April to tie in with Boulet’s 2013 US tour—MoCCA and Stumptown—and will be printed in a limited quantity.

Hopefully this is only the first US edition of Boulet’s work to see print. Here’s a wee preview:ad.darkness.preview 00002.jpg

ad.darkness.preview 00003.jpg

ad.darkness.preview 00006.jpg


  1. This is great news. Such a talented artist. Looking forward to having this in print.

  2. Matthew Southworth says:

    He’s fantastic; every one of his comics blog entries is embarrassingly good. Hope he becomes a giant indie comics superstar in the US!

  3. Pedro Bouça says:

    Excellent news, he is great!

    I’ve followed his blog (in french) for many years now. When he started putting things in english, I told everyone I know about it, but, for some reason, only with the Darkness story he actually took off in english. I hope it’s just the first of many!


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