AdHouse books is having a sale!

There’s a great warehouse sale going on at AdHouse Books:

It’s been a few years since we had a SALE, so I thought we’d make some AdSelections available again. Also, we have a fair amount of inventory coming to the warehouse this season, so we need to make room. Any order of $40 or more will get free shipping via a paypal refund. Just remind me when you place your order. (Also, feel free to add any non-sale items from our regular catalog to your order. We’d love to put them on sale, too, but we don’t have the inventory to do so.)

AdHouse specializes in books that are attractive and daring but accessible as well. A few suggestions/perennials:

201404290404 AdHouse books is having a sale!

by Boulet.
Amazing 24-hour comic by one of the boldest cartoonists working.

201404290405 AdHouse books is having a sale!

Pope Hats #3
by Ethan Rilly.
MULTIPLE award winning comic that picks up where the great comcis of the 90s like Optic Nerve and Love and Rockets let off.

201404290406 AdHouse books is having a sale!

Centifolia Volume 1
by Stuart Immonen.
Hello? Stuart Immonen. There’s a second volume as well.

201404290407 AdHouse books is having a sale!

Driven by Lemons
by Joshua Cotter.
Like all of Cotters books, this is difficult but ultimately rewarding.

201404290408 AdHouse books is having a sale!

Duncan the Wonder Dog
by Adam Hines.
Winner of the LA Times Graphic Novel Prize. The first in a planned 9-volume tale, this is anough to stand by itself exploring a world where animals can talk.


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