Adèle Blanc-Sec — the movie

Luc Besson has directed a flim version of Jacques Tardi’s great comics heroine, Adéle Blanc-Sec, a sort of one woman BPRD of Steampunk. The fim has just been released in France but has no US distribution plans yet (Boooo!) Fantragraphics will release an Adele Blanc-Sec book later this year. More at io9.

PS: here’s the English language website for the film.


  1. says

    I’m really excited by this. Jacques Tardi may be my absolute favorite comic book artist, and Adèle Blanc-Sec is like the comic I’ve always wanted to draw. I hope we get to see it sometime soon here in the US.

    Oh yeah, and Luc Besson is pretty good, too. ;)

  2. Lars says

    Jiro Taniguchis “Distant Neighborhood” gets a movie as well. In Europe…

    Seems there is only a german trailer so far with no subs.

  3. says

    love Adèle Blanc-Sec. And Luc Besson is great, too, finger’s crossed the movie is good! Anyone heard any reviews of it yet?

  4. says

    I thought the trailer looked amazing – and I thought the same thing, a BPRD-like film with a beautiful lead instead of Abe Sapien and his cohorts (whom I all love to death). Please post if this film gets shown in NYC, looks like a must see.

  5. says

    So looking so forward to this! Everything is right about it and Tardi’s stories are prefect for Luc Besson. Looks like they’ve compacted two stories into one film: Vol 1: Adele and The Beast, and Vol 4: The Crazed Mummies (my poor translation!). So I guess there’s potential for another 3 films (given that there are 8 books in total) if this one takes off. Good luck to it!

  6. JV says

    I hope some Hollywood type will NOT deciede to do an Americanized version.

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