Actual first trailer for THE MYSTERIOUS CITIES OF GOLD sequel

French speakers will enjoy this the most, but for Mysterious Cities of Gold fans—and we know there are a lot of you—the impact of this trailer will be a bit like seeing THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK for the first time…only 25 years later instead of 3. It’s all there: Kukapetl, Mendoza, the Golden Bird airship, the theme song…and the promise of many, many more civilizations to be destroyed by our trio of young heroes.

The show debuts in France on June 23rd.


  1. BryanD says:

    Nostalgia overload.

    Maybe this time they won’t blow up the city of gold.

  2. Oh my goodness, my inner eleven-year-old just exploded with glee.

  3. Awesome! That show so left me hanging.

  4. Can’t wait! Thx for this trailer: it looks great! (is it me or does Mendoza looks a little less tall and/or hunky?)

  5. Elias says:

    actually the show will start this september on TFOU program of the french channel TF1 .

  6. I hope they have those historical supplements at the end of each episode. It’s too bad they probably won’t be able to get the original English narrator, I appreciated how slightly creepy those segments were.

  7. Yes, there will be documentary parts at the end (I liked those!)

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