ACHEWOOD cover revealed

Achewood Cvr
Dark Horse has been kind enough to give us a peek at the cover of their first collection of Achewood strips by Chris Onstad: The Great Outdoor Fight.
This will look strong on our shelves!


  1. Wow.

    I’d already been planning on getting that as a Christmas present for a few people this year, but I was on the fence as to how many.

    This cover tells me to buy it for everyone.

  2. Bartholomew Fair says:

    Am I missing something or is the word “Food” not on the cover?


  4. maija says:

    That is fantastic.

  5. Shabby says:

    The only “Food” allowed in this fight is Safeway turkey and brandy.

  6. I’m gonna dip my balls in it!

  7. This will go on the shelf next to Steinbeck and Hemmingway.
    This is fine American literature.
    This is the story about masculinity that Cormac McCarthy wishes he could write.

  8. This book cover has wicked sack.

  9. That is the real Cory Doctorow btw. He loves to troll.

  10. Steve Taylor says:

    Am I missing something again?
    The cover is beautiful.
    But after heading over to the website for the Achewood comic,…well,…it doesn’t seem to relate at all.
    The cover promises much more than that comic delivers.
    OR,…are there two different things and I’ve stumbled on the wrong one.

  11. Perfect Ron Sipes says:

    I would imagine that it includes Achewood’s “Great Outdoor Fight” story arc, which starts here:

  12. Cormac McCarthy says:

    I wish I could write that.

  13. Steve Taylor says:

    Ah,….well. I see I have missed out and now will have the fun of catching up.
    Thanks for the link.

  14. Envelope Martinez says:

    Steve Taylor, you are laughably naive. HA HA HA!

  15. Trouble Man says:

    This book will cure of many things at once.

  16. Born from a Volvo says:

    Especially cancer.

  17. Carter says:

    Not the Jeeps, Ray.

  18. Steve Taylor says:

    Hey, “Envelope”,
    It’s true, I am fairly unaware of the indie comics world and web comics in general and that is why I’m so glad that I’ve stumbled on this blog. I keep learning more and more and discovering new things. A whole new world in many ways.

  19. Thomas Edison says:

    Ramses Luther Smuckles may have been the “me” of handing a dude his ass, but Chris Onstad is the Nikola Tesla of comic writing.

  20. Hemingway says:

    It will go between two books of mine. Steinbeck will not touch it. He is a pussy.

  21. Humbaba says:

    The motto of the GOF should be “3 days… 3 acres… 3000 cats”

  22. Will there be a Tenmen musical selection involved? That would be worth getting my jaw ripped off.

  23. Will there be a Tenmen musical selection involved? That would be worth getting my jaw ripped off.

  24. tk001 says:

    Can’t wait…this book will scratch my itchy batwings.

  25. ingelbert humperdink says:

    dare i say, these intelligent and thought-provoking reviews of the above book cover art work, reflect the intelligence level of readers of said book cover?

  26. If the men on the the cover duked it out, the one with fringe on his pants would win. Hands down.

  27. George Lazenby says:

    I love it when someone like ingledink humperbert makes a snide, superior remark which questions another person’s intelligence, and the remark contains capitalization errors and extraneous commas.

    Yeah, you need to be commenting on the intelligence of others.

  28. Glummbo says:

    I just find it heartwarming that so far (almost) every response has been positive and that it’s so refreshing to discover blog-post comments where no one has a user name with “lol” in it.

  29. Elliot says:

    A pop-up version would be nice. then my GI-Joe action figures could play too.

  30. Elliot says:

    A pop-up version would be nice. then my GI-Joe action figures could play too.

  31. Gummo Marx says:

    As i am currently reading “The Mark on the Door”, Mr Onstad’s homage to the rockin’, masculine, classic Hardy Boys covers looks like just the thing.

    ….but it is substantially lacking in actual Achewood silhouettes.

  32. I had a dream last year that I wrote a doctoral thesis on the history of The Great Outdoor Fight. I spoke to all these guys who won it but they looked like regular people. I have no idea what I could have possibly been getting my PhD in if that was the topic. When I woke up, I was bummed.

  33. Steinhauser says:

    The two men on the cover are obviously facing each other.

    The question is…WHICH ONE is facing us?

    I say it’s the one on the left.

  34. Lizard says:

    No way. Look at the shape of the thighs (mmmmm). Brutus Killzone is plainly the man facing us, on our right. He will eat the cowboy and his tasty fringed trousers.

  35. Rigel A. says:

    That’s not a cowboy, It’s five cats in a man suit!

  36. Crafty says:

    The story arc really starts here, , which has little to do with the fight directly, but does give new fans a bit more on the main characters. And how they have no business getting involved in something like this. . . or do they?

  37. Lizard says:

    Brutus Killzone will make Cowboy Sauce with the Cowboy I tell you.

  38. Jimerson says:

    If you look at the first strip in the GOF series, the truth behind which man is facing in which direction will reveal itself.

  39. My name has LOL in it. says:

    That cover does well to capture the spirit of achewood.
    It is classy and timeless, and not at all sissified.
    Also, I will finally be able to introduce my friends to achewood without dragging them through that most monstrous series of tubes.

  40. Pirate Bill says:


  41. So. Dang. Pretty.

  42. My name also has LOL in it says:

    When I get a large fireplace and mantle, this book will be in the center of the mantle.


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