Aaron Colter leaves Dark Horse

Marketing Coordinator Aaron Colter tweeted and social networked yesterday that he and Dark Horse had parted ways. Colter was a whiz at Twitter and Facebook and all the other ways we talk today, and managed these fuctions for DH, but he also was, shall we say, irreverent — not perhaps the best image for a respected publisher. At any rate, maybe posting stuff like the attached image was a tweet too far.

Colter lives in the giant social network known as Portland, OR, so he’s sure to be on to the next thing in no time. We with him happy trails.


  1. R.J. Ryan says

    Weird that you decided to speculate instead of asking either party for a comment.

  2. T. Holmes says

    Have you been to Portland? It has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. So “unto the next thing in no time” is like five years.

  3. R. Trager says

    “A whiz at Facebook and Twitter”? I didn’t realize there are levels of skill involved in posting Buffy questions and links you find on Reddit.

  4. The Beat says

    Okay guys then for your comfort, every time I post a “going” I will add the following boilerplate language:

    “Soanso enters a harsh employment landscape where you have more chance of getting Snooki to take a bath then finding gainful employment. S/He’ll face this brutal reality as soon as s/he wakes up from that first unemployment hangover. Plus s/he really stank at his job. Good riddance, loser!”

  5. Anon says


    Quesada, Breevort, Wacker, Slott, and Aaron could obviously NEVER work for Dark Horse.

    As Slotting vulgar and loose-lipped as they are.

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