A Summer of Valiant #3: Bloodshot


SummerOfValiant Bloodshot A Summer of Valiant #3: Bloodshot



  1. My favorite Valiant hero! I am looking forward to this.
    respectfully Stam

  2. Geocarr says:

    Can’t wait for theses characters and for the return of a character and story driven universe with tight continuity that won’t crossover me to death and force me to rob banks to follow my favorite characters!

  3. Shadowsip says:

    Ohhhh this looks Awesome!!!!
    I’ll be picking this thing up.

  4. Incredible. Coinciding with the movie deal announced. Keeps getting better and better.

  5. Mickey says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait!

  6. JReyes says:

    What gets me is the way the creative teams seem almost secondary to their Valiant relaunch.

    Every interview they do with Warren Simons (the main editor), all he talks about is the IP and how amazing and durable the core character concepts are. Well, Warren Simon, those concepts didn’t just spring to life on their own. It was the likes, particularly of Jim Shooter, that created them, plus other dedicated creators. Does Warren Simon even mention that w/o those creators, there’d be no enduring IP? No. Nothing in his interviews at all about how great the creative vision was.

    So them launching this Bloodshot book where they’re promoting character first only (the book cover), is really appalling to me. It was that lack of respect for creators when Shooter left that killed Valiant in the first place.

  7. Don’t have high hopes for Valiant with their soft relaunch so far but Bloodshot shows the most promise of staying true to the character’s original purpose/origin.

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