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We’re told a series of meetings will take place at 1700 Broadway today in which the shape of DC’s move to the West Coast will be described. No, we don’t know anything more than the average guy besides that. It is expected that a lot of people will not be making the move, however, so if anyone is looking at being out of work soon, we send our best wishes. For those who are going, LA isn’t so bad.

Even when it’s hellish, it is at least picturesque.


  1. says

    Speculating that if the move is indeed happening, it’ll be done in phases; top editorial staff will go out there first, and work remotely with the production people, etc.

    There will be a three to six month transitional phase…

  2. Chris Hero says

    I’ve been through a similar experience, but I had to move to NYC. It’s not the end of the world. Skype, text messaging, and a billion other ways of communicating makes it feel like your friends and family aren’t quite that far away. And hey – LA is *gorgeous*. It’s really a wonderful place to live – *much* better than the open sewer that is NYC. (People are *much* cooler out West, too.)

  3. joecab says

    A New Yorker who’s never been behind the wheel of a car ever being thrown into a car culture?

    Oh yeah that’s gonna work. =:o

  4. Kid Kyoto says

    Gawd it looks like hell. All that evil sunlight and not a train to be seen. I bet you can’t even get fresh bagels.

  5. Francis says

    If anyone starts jonesing, LA does have a subway system. A small one that smells a lot better than NYC’s. It can take you downtown which has a long history of standing in for NYC. Get off at Pershing, walk to Broadway, close your eyes, click your heels, and say…

  6. says

    Hmm… “Why I Hate Saturn” springs to mind…

    The Warner lot is near Griffith Park! It’s almost like Central Park! It even has a zoo!

    You can get fresh bagels, but like sourdough made outside San Francisco, it’s missing something…

  7. Synsidar says

    People will have to see what the rationales are for the move, as expressed in interviews and press releases, but if Time Warner and DC’s executive management are hoping for some type of corporate synergy to result that will boost the prospects of both DC’s comics and the movies’ box office revenues, they’re likely to be disappointed. The comics creators aren’t moving, after all, and screenwriters already do comics. If DC loses employees because they don’t want to make the move, the relocation could hurt the comics division, not help it.


  8. says

    Just around the corner from the Disney Channel building (in the fourth photo- the skyscraper with the green glass) is Bake It Again Sam, – a bagel shop that would make any New Yorker jump for joy.



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