A coupla links

— The Miami Herald interviews Alison Bechdel, whose recent interviews have mostly been about the after-effects of writing a tell-all family memoir that gets enormous amounts of attention:

”I’m beginning to wonder if they’re right,” says Bechdel of people who suggest that maybe full disclosure is not always the best course. “I thought that revealing the truth is good. I just took that as a dictum, because that’s what my generation believes. But maybe you don’t have to spill your guts all the time.”

— ALSO: Blogcritics reviews Sloth by Gilbert Hernandez:

He has a knack for visualizing all three of his teens as they emote their way through a series of self-inflicted crises – at one point, making a trip into a lonely lemon grove as ominous as a teen-centered horror flick; later, showing Lita screaming in impatient frustration for a pair of concert tickets (as in other Hernandez comics, rock music plays a vital part in the story) – and the ability to convey both the seriousness and absurdity of each moment simultaneously. Though his characters may at times appear to be inhabiting a 2-D world (most clearly repped by the lemon grove with its blackly flattened lemon trees), they remain some of the most vibrantly multi-layered, unpredictable characters in comics.

— PLUS: In an increasingly common marketing move, THE OTHER SIDE, the upcoming Vertigo series by Jason Aaron and Cameron Stewart, has its own MySpace page. Friend up to be eligible for cool prizes!

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