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Archie personnel moves: Sokolowski hired; Buchholz, Kaminski and Segura promoted

Archie Comics has just made a hire and some promotions that solidify their role as a fast-track comics publishing company. Jim Sokolowski has joined the company as SVP – Sales and Business Development. Additionally, Harold Buchholz has been promoted to Senior Vice President – Publishing and Operations; Paul Kaminski has been named Executive Director of Editorial and Alex Segura has moved up to Vice President – Publicity and Marketing.


Bob Wayne has not left comics yet


The end of DC Entertainment’s east coast presence also signaled the end of svp of sales Bob Wayne’s fabled career at the publisher, as one of the stewards of the entire direct sales market. You couldn’t name a person in the history of the industry who’s had more influence over what comics are sold and how they are sold. Prodigal circ man James Sokolowski was hired at DC (away from Archie) to run the DM end of things, but I’m sure “Ski” would be the first to admit he can only be the “first Ski” and not the “next Bob.”

As I’ve noted many times before, Wayne was particularly beloved of the comics retailing community, and his absence at the recent C2E2 Diamond retailer breakfast would have been a painful reminder of his departure.


Wait ‘Til You See The Graphic Novels DC Has Planned for Fall and Winter 2015!

elder wonder woman

The following is a list of books DC plans to release between September 2015 and January 2016.  It’s tentative (as we see from the first title, itself pushed back four months from the original scheduled date). This list also covers the important Holiday gift giving season.  What will retailers be able to offer the ravaging […]


DC December Announcements in Full: The Suiciders and more


DC-s announcements for products shipping in FEbruary are out today and here’s the WHOLE thing! what will you try What will make you cry?   THE MULTIVERSITY: MASTERMEN #1 Written by GRANT MORRISON Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS 1:10 B&W Variant cover by JIM LEE 1:25 Variant cover by AARON KUDER […]


New stuff from DC: KLARION, LOBO, TRINTY OF SIN and new teams for CATWOMAN and GREEN ARROW


A bunch of announcements from DC this week and it looks like the iceberg of the 90s house style DC has been mired in for some time is beginning to melt bit in the wake of global sales warming, as there are some new creators with new styles aboard here. Cover art by Daniel Kuder […]


Ruwan Jayatilleke out at Marvel


Marvel’s SVP associate publisher Ruwan Jayatilleke has been let go, CBR reports. An 8-year Marvel veteran, Jayatilleke was promoted in 2011 and was behind many of their new business initiatives over that period, including the Stephen King and Halo graphic novels, and most recently, working on the digital and trade book businesses. Although better known […]


Jayatilleke upped at Marvel to SVP Associate Publisher

Ruwan Jayatilleke has been promoted to SVP Associate Publisher at Marvel, where he previously held the title of SVP, development and planning. Jayatilleke started has new job yesterday, tweeting: 2011-11-1 13:59:24.png
Over the years, Jayatilleke has spearheaded a number of important initiatives at Marvel, including the Stephen King partnership, the Halo GN and tie-ins, and a number of digital and “motion comics” projects, including “N”, the Stephen King-based digital comic.


Marvel layoffs: The cheapskate is coming from inside the House of Ideas!

Yesterday was a gloomy day for the comics industry, as 15 Marvel staffers — including several popular editors and a couple of legendary Bullpenners — were laid off. This followed the recent layoff of COO Jim “Ski” Sokolowski. We all know the economy sucks, and that comics sales are down this year. But was that the reason for the cost cutting?

Or was it Disney? The Mouse purchased Marvel for $5 billion two years, two months ago and they are well known for being very budget conscious. Did some Disney suit look at revenue, say it wasn’t enough and order some budget cuts?

While both these scenarios sound plausible, according to Marvel insiders contacted by The Beat, neither seems to be the case. The budget slashing is the work of Marvel’s CEO, Isaac Perlmutter, an executive of legendary stinginess whose fanatical devotion to saving money —an increased interest in being hands on at Marvel — has led to the layoffs and other draconian measures inside the company.


A few questions with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso

[Little more than a week ago, Marvel announced a big change at the top, with VP, Executive Editor Axel Alonso being promoted to the role of Editor-in-Chief. A ten-year Marvel veteran, Alonso originally forged his name as one of the best regarded editors of the modern era during a stint at DC’s Vertigo imprint where he developed 100 Bullets and won a reputation as an editor of thought-provoking action who got career-defining work from writers like Garth Ennis and Brian Azzarello. As one of the main players at the Jemas/Quesada Nü-Marvel, he continued to make waves, introducing a gay Rawhide Kid, editing the acclaimed Peter Milligan/Mike Allred X-Statix and revitalizing such characters as Luke Cage and the Hulk. In recent years he’s continued to bring in new talent, including a bevy of crime fiction writers like Victor Gischler and Duane Swierczynski. It’s a strong creative portfolio for someone coming to the position and seeing how Alonso makes his mark on perhaps the most fabled job in comics will be one of the most important stories of the next few years. Despite his busy busy schedule, Alonso very graciously made time this week to answer some of the main questions facing any comics industry executive in these interesting times.]


EXCLUSIVE: Marvel clarifies pricing changes, lowers price on Hulk

[In recent weeks there’s been much discussion of comics pricing, and both Marvel and DC have made changes to their pricing levels in order to face the realities of the current economic climate. While DC has announced an across the board roll-back of prices from $3.99 to $2.99, Marvel’s policy announcements have been somewhat less clear. At the ICV2 conference last month Vice-President Sales & Circulation David Gabriel announced a rollback on selected titles, but no details. In addition at a retailer meeting, Marvel announced that they would be putting out fewer titles. An interview earlier this week with VP-executive editor Tom Brevoort made it clear that the rollback was limited but left details to Gabriel.

In order to clear up what Marvel’s policies are in regards to pricing, Gabriel and Chief Operating Officer Jim “Ski” Sokolowski sat down for an interview, discussing some of the business realities of publishing, the growth of digital and how to reach new readers as older ones cycle out.]


To do: Fan Expo Canada

By all accounts one of North America’s biggest fan events — along with San Diego, WonderCon and NYCC — the Fan Expo Canada in Toronto has kicked off as we speak. With five separate events under one roof — for comics, horror, sci-fi, gaming, and anime — The Expo draws a huge presence from major publishers, including full presentations from Marvel and DC. While there’s a huge media guest presence — cast members of TRON, BSG, and so on — the comics section remains healthy — quick fact sheet here — with an artists alley, a small press section, and so on.


Fan Expo Canada 2010 fact sheet

The Comic Book Expo has an amazing guest line up including appearances by: STAN ‘THE MAN’ LEE ‘ Legendary Guest of Honour GARY FRANK ‘ Artist of Superman: Secret Origin, Batman: Earth One ANDY KUBERT ‘ DC Comics cover artist ADAM KUBERT ‘ Artist of Astonishing Spider-Man / Wolverine PAOLO RIVERA ‘ Artist of Amazing Spider-Man OLIVIER COIPEL – Artist of Siege STEVE MCNIVEN ‘ Artist of Millar and Mcniven’s Nemesis ETHAN VAN SCIVER ‘ Artist of The Flash: Rebirth DOUG MAHNKE ‘ Artist of Green Lantern YOSHITAKA AMANO ‘ Legendary Artist Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D HIROSHI ARIGA ‘ Legendary Artist Mega Man Megamix, The Big O ALEX MALEEV – Artist of Scarlet TIM BRADSTREET ‘ Artist of The Punisher WHILCE PORTACIO ‘ Artist of Uncanny X-Men BRIAN AZZARELLO ‘ Writer of 100 Bullets, First Wave DARWYN COOKE ‘ Award Winning Artist and Writer of Parker Series DALE KEOWN ‘ Artist of Darkness/Pitt IAN CHURCHILL ‘ Artist of Hulk JILL THOMPSON ‘ Creator, Writer and Artist of Scary Godmother, Magic Trixie JIM VALENTINO ‘ Artist, Writer and Editor of Shadowhawk FRANCIS MANAPUL ‘ Artist of The Flash CHRIS SPROUSE ‘ Artist of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne C.B. … ‘ The creative team behind Kill Shakespeare ALEX MILNE – Transformers artist DAN PARENT – Artist Archie Plus hundreds of additional creators as well as celebrity guests such as William Shatner, Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar and dozens of other guests for the other areas of the show such as CNAnime, SFX – the Science Fiction Expo, The Rue Morgue Festival of Fear Horror Expo and GX- the Canadian National Gaming Expo — for the full lists for all areas visit Publishers, studios and institutions in attendance: DC COMICS MARVEL COMICS ARCHIE COMICS ASPEN MLT BLIND FERRET ENTERTAINMENT BOOM! … Key Features and Highlights of the Comic Book Expo: Autograph Sessions ~ always a crowd pleaser, visitors have the opportunity to meet and seek autographs from their favourite Comic Book professionals Comic Studios ~ professional comic book studios & publishers will pack their booths with talented creators along with signings, sketching and discussions Artist Alley ~ meet hundreds of top professional pencillers, inkers and writers Small Press Pavilion ~ this Indy Market features local a wealth of independent comic books, magazines and other related publications Canada’s largest Masquerade on Saturday, Aug. 28th ‘ dress up as a popular Comic Book character and compete 600 commercial exhibitors and retailers will offer everything from gold age and silver age comics, graphic novels, trades, toys, games, videos, DVDs, movie memorabilia, original artwork, posters and more Industry Preview Area ~ see the latest products and services and get a sneak peek at upcoming projects PROGRAMMING HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE PANELS SPOTLIGHTING ATTENDING PUBLISHERS & CREATORS, Q&A SESSIONS WITH YOUR FAVOURITE CREATORS, SKETCHING DUELS and ‘HOW TO’ WORKSHOPS. … Cebulski, Marvel’s Senior Vice President, Creator & Content Development, and special guests artist Olivier Coipel (Siege, Thor), Marvel Senior Editor Steve Wacker (Amazing Spider-Man, Shadowland), Marvel editor Jeanine Schaefer (Uncanny X-Force, Wolverine , Senior Vice President of Brand Planning and Communications Mike Pasciullo, and Chief Operating Officer James Sokolowski, and more to find out the answers on how to get your foot in the door at every level in the creative process and how to make your job MARVEL! … Olivier Coipel ‘ ROOM 104A 2:00 ‘ Marvel: Your Friendly Neighborhood’Shadowland Want to know more about Daredevil’s reign over Hells Kitchen during Shadowland or about Spidey hitting the ‘Big Time” Well this is the panel for you as Senior Editor Steve Wacker (Amazing Spider-Man, Shadowland), artist Paolo Rivera (Amazing Spider-Man: One Moment In Time) and C.B.


CB Cebulski promoted to SVP, Creator & Content Development

Globe-trotting gastronome CB Cebulski has just been promoted to SVP at Marvel. Cebulski is a familiar and popular figure at shows around the world as he has been unearthing talent from the four corners of the earth and has appeared on The Food Network in his position as a food-lover. His new position will continue […]


San Diego FRIDAY Programming: Star Wars Day

It’s up! Quick highlights:  10:00-11:00 Publishing Comics— Four publishers—Matt Gagnon (BOOM!), Gary Groth (Fantagraphics), Dallas Middaugh (Del Rey Manga), and Mark Siegel (First Second Books) — each from a different part of the comics industry, discuss what’s involved in running a publishing company and in creating and fostering a unique comics ideology. Moderated by […]


Executive shuffle at DC

Observers who follow executive moves at the Big Two are buzzing this afternoon over word that James “Ski” Sokolowski is ankling DC for Marvel, where he’ll take the position of COO. He was director of Publishing Operations at DC. Ski is already a well-known industry figure from his first go-round at Marvel, back in the […]