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Master Convention List


This list was taken from, which has shut down but left the list in the public domain. Thanks to Shawn Scott Smith for maintaining it.

Thought Bubble 2013: A Reading List in Review!

Blackout - PM Buchan, Jack Fallows

TweetThis isn’t a convention write-up. Instead, it’s a review roundup of every new comic I came across at Thought Bubble 2013. Because I want to share them with as many people as possible, and as part apology for forcing people at the event to go and pick up everything I had come across and loved […]

SDCC ’13: All the Saturday Panels


Tweet  Saturday is Russ Heath, Sandman, Vera Brosgal, the Little Lulu Fan Meet Up  and Masquerade day…and….other stuff.  

SDCC ’13: Friday Program Schedule


TweetThe official website published the current Friday programs. Here’s what you can expect.

How to: A case study for a first-time Kickstarter, Part 1


Sitting in on the Kickstarter panel at the New York Comic Con, I found myself sharing many of the questions that were posed to the Benign Kingdom Creators, a Kickstarter team that raised well over $100,000 with their campaign: How can I create such a successful campaign? How do I build an audience that large?

Coming Attractions: Fall 2012: Abrams


Tweet______________________________________________________________ Abrams is back to their evil ways, publishing beautiful books about comics and pop culture, as well as fun comics for kids of all ages! Want to share your interests and look sophisticated?  Buy one of the nice “coffee table” books below, and let your guests discover some amazing culture and creativity. Or perhaps […]

Coming Attractions: September 2012: Book Trade


Tweet________________________________________________________________ Here are the September titles from what could be considered “mainstream” publishers and distributors. Check here for previous Coming Attractions (is that an oxymoron?) Everything’s subject to change, check your local listings, void where prohibited, and all that jazz.

Thursday is Heidi MacDonald Day at The Beat!


Back in July 1982, the Comics Journal ran an article titled “Archetype Meets Angst” by one Heidi D. MacDonald. Thirty years later, during Comic-Con International surrounded by so many people she knows, we here at The Beat celebrate our Editor-In-Chief, and bestow the honorary title of “exemplar”!

Coming Attractions: Fall 2012: Macmillan!!


Oh, man… so much good stuff coming from Macmillan! And they’re not even known for publishing graphic novels! Scan this list, and tell us what makes you squeel with joy!

Box Brown's THE GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT now available


An anthology of Box Brown’s much lauded EVERYTHING DIES mini-comic and webcomic is now available. Winner of two Ignatz Awards, EVERYTHING DIES deals with various historical and religious takes on the end of the world, second comings, death, and other eschatological matters.

This Lulu-produced collection includes selections from both versions of the strip. Brown’s THE SURVIVALIST is also available for pre-order and will be at BCGF this Saturday.

SDCC 11: Saturday panels


Everything you need to know about the future of comics, the death of the pamphlet, webcomics, and the Britisdh invasion of comics.

Off Topic: Stop moaning about Oscar hosts


Maybe it’s just the way Twitter brings all your snarky friends from around the world together to be snide at once, but from the very beginning of last night’s Oscar™ telecast, it was obvious that the youth movement of Anne Hathaway and James Franco was going to be dire.

2010 Friends of Lulu Awards winners


Tweet Presented last night at at the Long Beach Comic Con. Leah Adezio Award for Best Kid-Friendly Work: Diana Nock, The Intrepid Girlbot Best Female Character: Ramona Flowers, Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley Kim Yale Award for Most Talented Newcomer: Kathryn Immonen: “The Runaways” Lulu of the Year: Kate Beaton Woman of Distinction Award: […]

This weekend: Long Beach Comic Con


The looooong convention schedule is just about set to wrap up with the last big regional show of the year, the Long Beach Comic Com, in balmy downtown Long Beach this weekend. Guests include Marv Wolfman, Jimmy Palmiotti, Jeph Loeb, Stan Lee, Thomas Jane, and more. One last chance to frolic! Programming is here in a form you can import right into your social media. It’s going to be a fun, Halloween themed weekend with lots of Walking Dead-related activities.

Awards Time: Ain't I a woman?


Apparently they are rioting in Canada over the fact that a man was nominated for the Kim Yale award.

If by rioting, you mean writing some articles for the internet. Von Allan , the man in question nominated for the previously all-female Kim Yale Award for Most Talented Newcomer, was interviewed by the CBC and this gave rise to a couple of pieces, noting what a groundbreaker he was being nominated for an award traditionally given to women cartoonists:

Friends of Lulu going away; Comics Are For Everyone showing up


Over on her blog, Valerie D’Orazio announces that as of January she will no longer be running Friends of Lulu, the organization formed to promote women in comics. Instead she’ll be putting her efforts toward a new organization called “Comics are for Everyone.”