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Is Batman Live the musical Julie Taymor really meant to make?

Based on this trippy preview, we’d say probably.

This stage show opens July 19th in the UK, and arrives in America in 2012.

Taymor to Spidey producers: Turn on the lawsuit

Oh yeah, it’s on.

After being ousted from the directing chair of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, the troubled Broadway show about the webslinger, director Julie Taymor kept a tight smile at the opening of the show. However, now the gloves are off and she’s suing the producers over her creative rights and unpaid royalties.

The Spider-Man show must go on without Taymor

Someday, we predict, someone will write an opera about the Spider-Man musical, which will be all about immensely talented egos, wasted money and mythic archetypes; it will be the Nixon in China for those days.

Seriously, how could you have predicted the scene when fucking BONO would have to step out in front of a theatrical group and take the reins as creative leader, saying they had to move forward without the director he himself had chosen?

Taymor and Bono team for Spidey musical

Yep, you read that right. Superhero Hype has the casting notice: SPIDER-MANTheatreMUSICALAEA 29-HOUR REHEARSED READING Director: Julie TaymorMusic and Lyrics: Bono and The Edge of U2Musical Supervisor: Teese GohlBook: Julie Taymor and Glen BergerProducer: Hello Entertainment/David Garfinkle, Martin McCallum, Marvel EntertainmentCasting Director: Telsey + CompanyRehearsals: Begin 7/2/07 in NYCReading: 7/12/07 and 7/13/07 The notice includes […]

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark To Leave Broadway

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark To Leave Broadway Tweet Another version of Peter Parker was quietly boxed away today, with the announcement that Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark will be shutting down production next year. The most expensive production to ever hit Broadway – and one which became more expensive once the cast members started […]

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark To Leave Broadway


Another version of Peter Parker was quietly boxed away today, with the announcement that Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark will be shutting down production next year. The most expensive production to ever hit Broadway – and one which became more expensive once the cast members started getting seriously injured seemingly every month – there are […]

Tell-all book on the Spidey musical is on its way


About 10 years ago, when I ran a tiny item on a proposed Spider-Man musical with music by U2 on the old Comicon-com site, I had an idea it would be quite a story, but I had no idea it would be just about the craziest story in the history of Broadway. Now Glen Berger—who […]

The Marvel Experience will be 4D, dynamic, transformative, coming to a town near you


It turns out the drama- and deficit-plagued Spider-man Broadway musical wasn’t enough to turn Marvel off live theatrical events. Thus they are launching ‘The Marvel Experience’ in 2014, a $30 million “interactive road show with a “4D motion ride” and high-tech attractions featuring Marvel’s most popular superheroes.” It’s a joint venture between Marvel and something […]

Kibbles 'n' Bits – 3/6/12: the Day Bugs Bunny Died A Horrible Death

While America has been been locked in a massive ideological battle over birth control and offensive radio show hosts of late, in Canada, they have even more powerful and shocking issueS that galvanize a nation to action. Namely, network Global TV was forced to apologize for failing to warn viewersthat an episode of Family Guy included a scene where Bugs Bunny died a grisly, lingering death.

Studio Coffee Run 2/18/12: Whole lotta Walking Dead, a little bit of Game of Thrones, a dash of Ender's Game and more…

Your studio coffee run might be cold and late this week, but it’s also venti-sized for your weekend reading enjoyment, with the latest news on Game of Thrones, John Carter, Oblivion, The Walking Dead and many more tasty comic and nerd movie and film tidbits.

Spider-Man musical claims another victim

After months of peaceful performances, this was a rocky week for the Spider-Man musical. On Tuesday original director Julie Taymor sued over royalties and on Wednesday there was yet another injury to the cast. Back-up Spidey Matthew James Thomas, who plays the title role at matinees Wednesday and Saturday, was injured backstage while racing from one scene to another. The injury required a 10-minute pause in the musical, a trip to the hospital, and stitches for Thomas.

Reviews review: Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

The Spider-Man the Musical Saga closed another chapter of its saga last night with a star studded opening — President Bill Clinton attended, as did Matt Dmon, Cindy Crawford, and of course, composers Bono and the Edge. Even more notably, director Julie Taymor, who got fired three months ago, showed up and took a curtain call. On the red carpet she was repeatedly asked if she missed being a part of this, to which she fired back, “I AM part of this.” At the end of the curtain call, Taymor and Bono even shared a cold, celebratory smooch.

Dan Slott's review of the revamped Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN writer Dan Slott attended the premiere of the NEW, revised, less Arachne Spider-Man musical last night, and he tweeted his review!

Links and bits, 4/25/11

What’s left after Borders? Does someone actually have a sketchbook whose theme is superheroes throwing up? Read on for the answers.

Spider-Man musical officially delayed again — can it be saved?

Well, it looks like The Beatwill have to see Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark again! Because when it officially opens–in JUNE this time–it could be a different show.

The NY Times reports that what everyone was whispering yesterday was true: the opening has been delayed until June, and the production — the most expensive in Broadway history — will take a break to try to fix some of the problems, and probably bring in a fixer.

Spider-Man: Turn off your brain

So I finally got to see Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.

I use the word “finally” although the show has only been in previews for a couple of months — still nearly the longest preview run of any show ever. Primarily, I use it because I’ve been writing about this show for nearly four years. And looking back at my predictions in my very first post about the show, there is indeed a song about Mary Jane’s eyes — so that is one point for me. I also predicted it would be great — hm, that is maybe one half a point. But NO ONE could have predicted the rest of the saga, from running out of money (after spending $60 million) to people breaking their backs, to Spider-women storming out in fear of their brains being bashed out and a parade of colorful incidents that have already made this one of the most legendary shows in Broadway history.