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Guggenheim’s Nowhere Man is somewhere again, three years later

The week before a big movie release is the traditional time for announcements of new projects for those involved; it’s a magical time when the entertainment world’s attention is turned to you, but before possible tankage or bad news, when there’s a world of opportunity for those with vision.

Thus it is that Deadline today announced that GREEN LANTERN writer Marc Guggenheim was launching his comics series NOWHERE MAN:

Marc Guggenheim, one of the writers who brought the DC Comics hero Green Lantern to the screen, will next launch Nowhere Man, a new comic book series through Liquid Comics. The story takes place 500 years in the future, where an oppressive government monitors the population, down to its thoughts. Everyone on earth has been infected with a nano-tech virus that makes computerized thought analysis possible. A group of rebels combat this by generating a genetically altered child born immune to the virus. He grows up to become the Nowhere Man, mankind’s best chance to topple the invasive regime.

The deal was put together by Liquid Comics’ Sharad Devarajan and Gotham Chopra, and the series will launch with a four-issue arc, starting in November in print and digital formats. Artwork was done by Liquid’s in-house artist Jeevan J. Kang. These Liquid launches usually lead to film development deals and this sounds like it has cinematic potential. It is something that Guggenheim has been thinking about for a long time.

Just how long has Guggenheim been thinking of this idea? Well at least since 2008, when it was announced as being attached to Hugh Jackman. The then-publisher was Virgin Comics, which is now known as Liquid Comics. Liquid has a publishing deal with Dynamite, so that’s where we’d expect to see this eventually appear. No Hugh Jackman this time though. Sniff.

Guggenheim, whose tv series Eli Stone ran for a season a few years ago, remains committed to the whole comic book world, with his Collider imprint at Image.

SD10: Indie Comics Saturday

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen III Century #2 1969

Dark Horse

Given that pretty much all of the Spartans died at the Battle of Thermopylae — which was sort of the point — people have been speculating for years about how Frank Miller would wring a sequel out of his hit Dark Horse graphic novel and movie 300. Today, at Comic-Con, the answer came out. The sequel, XERXES, will actually take place at exactly the same time on another battlefield of the same war. 300’s director Zach Snyder revealed he is already working on a film script based on Miller’s upcoming graphic novel.

Meanwhile, Dark Horse released a never-before-seen clip from the in-progress animated movie based on Eric Powell’s THE GOON. The clip, which is several minutes long and contains a complete comedic scene, can be seen here. The movie’s producers are still seeking a studio to support the project.


At the Image panel, it was announced that Marc Guggenheim is starting a new imprint, Collider Entertainment, for comics written by Hollywood scriptwriters without intending them to become movies. For extra novelty value, the projects are supposed to be original, and not repurposed spec scripts as is often the case. The first two comics from this line will be UTOPIAN, written by Guggenheim and his wife Tara Butters, a scriptwriter for REAPER, about a world in which heroes have become obsolete. The second, by Erich and John Hoeber, the screenwriters of the upcoming comics movie RED, is called THE MISSION, and is about a man commanded by possibly divine voices to kill people.

It was also announced that the upcomingWalking Dead television show based on Robert Kirkman’s hit Image comic will feature writing from none other than Kirkman himself.

Top Shelf

A sequel was announced for Jeffrey Brown’s cult classic giant-robots parody, THE INCREDIBLE CHANGE-BOTS. THE INCREDIBLE CHANGE-BOTS TWO will come out from Top Shelf and feature an amnesiac villain and lots of intentionally disposable new characters.

Also, art was revealed for the much anticipated LEAGUES OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN Vol.3: CENTURY #2 1969 from Kevin O’Neill and Alan Moore.


Fantagraphics has announced it will be publishing Floyd Gottfredson’s classic Mickey Mouse comic strips in full.


IDW has announced a new ROCKETEER anthology, featuring comics from big-name creators including Darwyn Cook, Bill Willingham, Kurt Busiek, and Mike Mignola among many, many others.

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