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DC’s July comics announcements; The coming of Grayson and what’s coming in September


Here’s the DCU and New 52 solicits for July — and as a BONUS becuase of the lead time needed for the lenticular covers, the September Future’s End solicits, with NO CREATIVE TEAMS ATTACHED, probably because ANYTHING could happen between now and then. We’ll have Vertigo and trades in the next post. Of note — the new Grayson, Teen Titans and Suicide SQuad books and HArley Quinn at Comic-Con by Amanda conner — a good time is guaranteed in that one.

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: March 2014 — the two types of All-New Marvel Now #1s


Now before we get deep into the numbers, I want to point out a trend that I’ve been noticing, and would love to hear your thoughts on in the comments below.

So there are two types of All-New Marvel Now #1s. The first is something like Black Widow or She-Hulk, where the new #1 is a new series featuring a new or returning character and a new creative team, so basically a new book. The other is what I call the soft relaunch. They take an ongoing series with falling sales and they give it a new #1, but not much else changes, same creative team or if maybe the artists changes, the writer stays, and maybe a slight tweak on the storyline or premise. Examples of this are Secret Avengers or X-Factor.

Advance Review: Inhuman #1 bears an Uncanny resemblance – updated


TweetFrom the creative team of Charles Soule, Joe Madureira, Marte Gracia and Clayton Cowles, Inhuman #1 finally sees release this week, and Marvel have offered an advance copy for review. Originally planned to be written by Matt Fraction, the series saw delays before Fraction dropped out himself, and Soule came onboard the project instead. Following […]

Complete Marvel Previews June 2014: Marvel’s Sea of Sin continues


Here’s what Marvel will be giving you in June — lots of Guardians of the Galaxy and dark secrets as Original Sin and it’s tie-ins appear.

New Titles From Titan Books, Summer 2014 – Spring 2015


TweetTitan Books, UK purveyor of pop culture books, recently created a Titan Comics imprint, although they’ve been publishing comic strip collections, UK comics, and even the UK editions of DC Comics for decades. Here are their upcoming books.  We here at Stately Beat Manor love pop culture in all its variations.  For many comics fans, […]

New Titles from Dark Horse, Coming Next Fall and Spring!


Tweet— — — — — This is raw catalog data from Edelweiss, so some titles may be cancelled in the future. Yes, there is some duplication, with similar editions having more than one EAN. This is the first catalog from Dark Horse via Random House Publisher Services, so the learning curve is slightly parabolic. My […]

First look at Marvel’s new street racing inspired All-New Ghost Rider #1


Tweet Marvel continues its sneaky move towards more interesting, quirky takes on its heroes with ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER #1 by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore, with a new Latino hero—Robbie Reyes—and a story about street racing in East LA clearly based on the video game/Hong Kong street racing vibe of Grand Theft Auto, Initial D […]

31 Days of Halloween: Brian Miller’s “The Ghostly Rider of Sleepy Hollow”


Brian Miller is best known for his brilliant hues as part of the HiFi coloring studio, but he’s also an illustrator, and the seasonally appropriate illo above will be on display at an art show at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle, WA. Their “A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words” show opens November 8th and is located at 307 E. Pike St. in Seattle, WA 98122. 

The Beat Podcasts! More To Come – SPX 2013


Tweet Straight from the offices of Publishers Weekly, it’s More to Come! Your podcast source of comics news and discussion starring The Beat’s own Heidi MacDonald. In this week’s episode, Heidi and the rest of the More to Come Crew – Calvin Reid and Kate Fitzsimons -  interview indie publisher and cartoonist Box Brown of […]

Exclusive: Complete NYCC 2013 Programming for Saturday October 12


Tweet Saturday, October 12   Here’s the continuing our rundown of New York Comic-Con’s programming in an easily digestible text format, with the schedule for Saturday. Thursday’s programming can be found here. And Friday’s here. Many thanks to Marykate Nagourney for making this possible. Title: Kidditch- Quidditch Training for Kids Time: 10:00AM – 11:00AM Location: […]

Marvel Reaches Settlements with Gary Friedrich, Bob Layton


TweetIt appears that Marvel have offered Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich a settlement, thus ending the lengthy case which had previously bankrupted the veteran writer. The details of the settlement have not been offered to the public, but Friedrich’s attorney has informed a federal New York judge that the case can now be dismissed.

That time that comics didn’t die


Tweet For some reason, this post I wrote in February 2012 popped up on my feed; it was called Comics Crisis: Doujinshi Nation and at the time, people seemed to think that Gary Friedrich’s loss in his Ghost Rider suit—and Marvel’s subsequently telling him he owed them $17,000 for selling unauthorized Ghost Rider merch was […]

SDCC ’13: The very best panels at Comic-Con in audio

The Comics Blogging Panel

TweetHow do I know they were the best? Because I was on at least four of them! All kidding aside, once again Jamie Coville has done the most important job at Comic-Con and recorded some of the most interesting, pertinent and comics-focused panels at this year’s show. Of the panels I was on I most […]

SDCC ’13: Comic-Con In Booth Signing Schedules—from Archie to Zenescope — UPDATE


Here’s a list of the creators and artists signing at individual booths — we’ll update it as we go so please send us updates.

Bibbles ‘n’ Kits, 7/9/13: My #1 Most Important Tip For Comic-Con


TweetThe kibbles have gotten totally out of hand. § First off, I had this site bookmarked for a while: Work Made For Hire, clearing house of information on contracts, negotiation and much more stuff ALL freelancers and employers should have in mind. Perhaps it would pique your interest to see a story called Ghost Rider […]

SDCC ’13: All the Saturday Panels


Tweet  Saturday is Russ Heath, Sandman, Vera Brosgal, the Little Lulu Fan Meet Up  and Masquerade day…and….other stuff.