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31 Days of Halloween: Anthony P. Furtado


The creator of several webcomics, including Elf n’ Troll, Furtado contributed not one but TWO tentacled horrors to our Halloween gallery. His blog can be found here and his DeviantArt page here.

Indie Month-to-Month Sales: April 2010


The top “indie” book on the charts this month is a $1 issue of The Walking Dead #1. However, none of the other Image $1 books have charted either this month or last, so I’m not sure how accurate this numbers is.

Invincible Returns was the best selling non-reprint #1 of the month, and led to a substantial increase for the regular issue of Invincible as well. While Turf #1, also from Image, was the highest launch of the month.

Image had a 4.26% unit share, and a 3.96% dollar share, Dark Horse had a 3.82% unit share and a 4.88% dollar share, IDW had a 3.41% unit share and a 3.92% dollar share. Dynamite fell to a 2.38% unit share and a 2.33% dollar share.

Day of the Dead Art special


TweetYes, yes, we know Halloween is over, but 1) we had so much terrific art that we meant to post, and 2) it’s always Halloween at Stately Beat Manor. Plus it’s the Dia de los Muertos, so we’re allowed. Here’s a portfolio of scary art to see us into the bleak days of November! Uriel […]