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Burma bans cartooners

We don’t always write about the world-wide war on cartooners because we get too depressed, but this story on the media crackdown in Burma caught our eye: The Burmese regime has banned the work of 19 artists and writers, and some writers and poets are hiding from authorities because they are being pursued for taking […]

Cartooners find new old man bar at last!

The House of Twelve’s wandering from bar to bar looking for a place to drink and draw have ended! Say, remember when I said that we’d keep looking for a permanent home for the House of Twelve Comic Jams? Well, we found one! Jack Demsey’s Pub, 34 West 33rd Street, between 5th and Broadway; right […]

Cartooner searches for killer!

Opus’s Berkeley Breathed is entering Dick Tracy territory as one of his drawings appears on America’s Most Wanted to help track down the culprit in a 1979 slaying.. Authorities believe the killer may have burglarized Breathed’s home when Breathed was a student at the University of Texas in Austin. The cartoonist’s drawing of the burglary […]

Cartooner eschews cons to spend time with kids

An article in USA Today about dads resisting work travel to spend more time with their kids spotlights artist Dave Dorman: As a comic book illustrator who draws well-known Star Wars and G.I. Joe images, Dave Dorman is often asked by his publishers or clients to attend autograph-signing events. But more than once, the 48-year-old […]

Nightcrawler weds cartooner

Actor Alan Cumming–who donned the blue paint to play Nightcrawler in X-Men 2–has wed his boyfriend of two years, Grant Shaffer, whom news reports dub an illustrator. If you check Shaffer’s website, you’ll see a whole comics section, and he’s contributed to the anthology BLURRED VISION, and has a graphic novel, entitled 30 Kinds of […]

Cartooners winning awards: Jean, Cho

James Jean has won the Best Artist award at the World Fantasy Con. You can see the complete list of winners and nominees here. Lifetime Achievement: John Crowley Stephen Fabian Novel: Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore (Harvill; Knopf) Novella: Joe Hill, Voluntary Committal (Subterranean Press) Short Fiction: George Saunders, “CommComm” (The New Yorker, 08/01, […]