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Cartooner mom echoes blogger

Vanessa Davis talks to her mom at the D&Q website. Say, maybe these autobio comics ARE the best form of storytelling!


Burma bans cartooners

We don’t always write about the world-wide war on cartooners because we get too depressed, but this story on the media crackdown in Burma caught our eye: The Burmese regime has banned the work of 19 artists and writers, and some writers and poets are hiding from authorities because they are being pursued for taking […]


Yet more cartooner babies: Ramona Bertozzi

You know how births come in threes. Nick and Kim Bertozzi welcome 9lbs 13oz Ramona Bertozzi. Congrats to all!


Cartooners find new old man bar at last!

The House of Twelve’s wandering from bar to bar looking for a place to drink and draw have ended! Say, remember when I said that we’d keep looking for a permanent home for the House of Twelve Comic Jams? Well, we found one! Jack Demsey’s Pub, 34 West 33rd Street, between 5th and Broadway; right […]


Cartooner searches for killer!

Opus’s Berkeley Breathed is entering Dick Tracy territory as one of his drawings appears on America’s Most Wanted to help track down the culprit in a 1979 slaying.. Authorities believe the killer may have burglarized Breathed’s home when Breathed was a student at the University of Texas in Austin. The cartoonist’s drawing of the burglary […]


Scottish cartooner hasn’t stopped beating his wife

A top Scottish cartoonist has admitted to assaulting his wife, the BBC reports.. 63-year-old Malky McCormick repeatedly punch his wife Ann in the head during an argument caused by her insomnia. However, the couple had undergone many recent tragedies, and McCormack told the judge he was seeking help. Three years ago the couple’s 20-year-old son […]


Cartooner eschews cons to spend time with kids

An article in USA Today about dads resisting work travel to spend more time with their kids spotlights artist Dave Dorman: As a comic book illustrator who draws well-known Star Wars and G.I. Joe images, Dave Dorman is often asked by his publishers or clients to attend autograph-signing events. But more than once, the 48-year-old […]


Nightcrawler weds cartooner

Actor Alan Cumming–who donned the blue paint to play Nightcrawler in X-Men 2–has wed his boyfriend of two years, Grant Shaffer, whom news reports dub an illustrator. If you check Shaffer’s website, you’ll see a whole comics section, and he’s contributed to the anthology BLURRED VISION, and has a graphic novel, entitled 30 Kinds of […]


Cartooners winning awards: Jean, Cho

James Jean has won the Best Artist award at the World Fantasy Con. You can see the complete list of winners and nominees here. Lifetime Achievement: John Crowley Stephen Fabian Novel: Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore (Harvill; Knopf) Novella: Joe Hill, Voluntary Committal (Subterranean Press) Short Fiction: George Saunders, “CommComm” (The New Yorker, 08/01, […]


BKV on NPR, AOK, more cartooners on radio

NPR darling Brian K. Vaughan (an earlier appearance is credited with spiking bookstore sales of Y THE LAST MAN trades) was back on Talk of the Nation to talk about PRIDE OF BAGHDAD yesterday. Link here. We also caught the 9/11 report duo of Jacobson and Colon on the Brian Lehrer Show this morning. Finally, […]


Grace Reading Series returns with cartooners

The Grace Reading Series, a monthly multi media mix focusing on women writers, returns with a series of readings by cartoonists. The series kicks off October 4 at Mo Pitkins in NYC with Megan Kelso and Gabrielle Bell. Future readings include Allison Cole (Never Ending Summer) and Lauren Weinstein (Girl Stories) on November 1, and […]


Ask the cartooners!

Bryan Lee O’Malley and Brian Wood have open Q&A’s on their LJ’s. Spoilers beware. Meanwhile, Chip Zdarsky day over at the Engine may have faded into the collective unconsciousness of a battered nation, but he left in his wake some v.v. interesting interview threads with CHRIS BUTCHER DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF CAMERON STEWART MIKE WIERINGO TIM HAMILTON […]


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 9/24/15: All your Batmobiles will be licensed from now on


§ The Ninth Circuit Curt of Appeal has ruled that DC owns the trademark on the Batmobile—file this under not too surprising. The case came when DC decided to sue Mark Towle’s Gotham Garage, a custom car outfit that made replica Batmobiles based on the 60s TV show and the 80s films. It also makes […]


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 2/23/15: Area Woman live draws the Oscars


§ Just to finish up the Oscars, which everyone has probably already forgotten, cartoonist Liza Donnelly live drew them on her twitter feed, and got a big write up in her local paper about it, and also did some nice drawings.


Derf gets turfed by Facebook


The other day, Tom Spurgeon linked to a Facebook post by cartoonist T Edward Bak in which he frets about the “money vs art vs oh god what the hell am I doing” feeling that many in the indie world are having, and which we’ve written about many times. In response I was about to go link to a fantastic FB post by Derf Backderf in which he talks about being a cancer survivor and what he’s done since—delivered the great book My Friend Dahmer, continued to cartoon, enjoyed life with his family, travelled the world. It was a wonderful life affirming post that puts a lot of things into perspective.

But….it was gone.


The Nib is Hiring an Assistant Editor


[illo by Jim Rugg] Matt Bors and the Nib have created another job for a cartooner! The editorial cartoon segment of Medium is hiring an assistant editor:: The Nib has been around for almost a year now, publishing more than 20 comics a week, and we are continuing to grow. We’re looking for someone to […]