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London, Ontario’s TING Festival unveils Jesse Jacobs poster


Tweet The Ting Comic and Graphic Arts Festival in London Ontario is yet another of the comic arts festivals (CAFs) springing up around the world. It will be held for a full TWO WEEKS (April 22-May 3) and showcase local artists, from past and present including Seth, Marc Bell, Aaron Costain, Scott Chantler, Willow Dawson, […]

Casual comics readers vs. superheroes


Tweet Children’s book illustrator and sometime cartooner Jed Alexander read my piece on top selling graphic novels the other day, and spun it off into his own piece entitled The Future of Comics: A Casual Readership. While I agree with the basic premise, I think Alexander went a bit far in condemning superhero comics as […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 1/24/14: Warren Ellis’s mystery project


Tweet § Warren Ellis has trashed another laptop, prior to moving to LA SOMEWHERE for six months to work on a mystery project. I repeat, Warren Ellis is moving to LA for six months. If you had asked me to pick “Sentences I will never type on The Beat” that would have been one of […]

Special Beat Investigation: Comics Critics Crisis!!!


A few months ago there was a Kerfuffle over a comics which some indie comics enthusiasts thought was artistically exciting, while others couldn’t see that for all the racism in these comics. I wrote about it at the time, and wondered if indie comics—so lively and vibrant—were actually being given a larger social context.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 11/18/13: RIP Doris Lessing


Tweet § Tim Gibson’s Moth City is a fine looking webcomic—it’a now running on Thrillbent— and Gibson talks some about the web/print paradigm shift here. It doesn’t sound sexy, but distribution is everything now. The ability to disperse comics to waiting readers all over the world for effectively no cost has the power to change […]

One More: Sam Alden’s cover for It Never Happened Again


Tweet As we mentioned earlier in the week, Uncivilized Books won the Sam Alden Derby and will be putting out the first collection of the up-and-coming cartooner’s work. And now he’s tweeted the title and the cover: Here's the cover for "It Never Happened Again", my first collection from with Uncivilized Books! eeee — […]

Non-Japanese cartoonists exhibit at the Kaigai Manga Festa


Tweet First off…congrats to cartooners Abby Denson and Matt Loux who tied the knot not long ago. And then celebrated with a honeymoon in Japan that including exhibiting at the Kaigai Manga Festa. Denson has a report on the event, which was part of the bigger Comitia show. It was also the first Japanese comics […]

SPX: Good comics, good people


Much has been written and lauded about this year’s SPX, and I’m late to the game but I have a few thoughts I wanted to put to pixel before the memories fade. It was a great time for just about everyone, I think. I had a blast at TCAF this year and came away from it completely optimistic about The State of Comics. That mood was only deepened by SPX, and I don’t expect it to fade any time soon. A few little notes:

Kibbles 'n' Bits, 3/27/12: the secret of comics is The Gag Master


Lots of links to art and stuff which is cool. I think.

Nice Art: The Animal Alphabet Project


How on earth did we miss this until now? Ben Towle is putting together The Animal Alphabet Project, drawing of critters by cartooners. Above, the N is for Naked Mole Rat by Gabriel Hardman, below L is for Lynx by Henry Eudy.

Kibbles 'n' Bits — 12/13/10


Cartoonists smiling and doing things! Things to see and listen to! Plus, when reason meets…the internet.

Kibbles 'n' Bits — 11/3/10


Halloween and election fallout, the aesthetics of racism, a hagfish, and more!

Thought cloud: E.C. Segar and rent parties


Times are tough, people. Several folks in our comics community can’t pay the rent this month and are raising funds via selling cool things. Help them out if you see fit.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 9/2/10


From the past to the future with Brian Wood, Hope Larson, Brian Hibbs and so on, true believers,

Scandal: Portland Mercury disses comics! UPDATED WITH MORE OUTRAGE


Tweet Speaking of Stumptown, we were recently alerted to a local brouhaha, namely, last week’s preview of Stumptown in The Portland Mercury. Shockingly, despite the mayor declaring Comics Month and Portland generally being Cartoon-town, USA, the Mercury ended up running this weird “comics are for losers” comic by Carolyn Main and Riley Michael Parker, apprently […]

SPX huddles together for warmth + PHOTOS


Tweet THE SPIRIT OF INDIE COMICS as an avid fan struggles to keep a copy of KRAMERS ERGOT upright for reading purposes ———————————- You can read my “official” report on SPX at PW Comics Week, but there were some more rambly thoughts I wanted to share. I think Brian Heater (one of my traveling companions […]