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The Dark Knight Rises: Batman’s Third Act


The “titles” of Batman Begins showed the symbol of a bat formed in a swarm of bats, the titles of The Dark Knightshowed it in fire, now The Dark Knight Rises shows it in ice. The bats in Begins were a symbol of fear, the titles a metaphor for an identity forming out of shadows. The fire of The Dark Knight was like a wall of fire for that bat, that symbol, pushing through the chaos inflicted by the Joker. Now, the bat is, literally, the cracks in the ice formed by the isolation of Gotham City at the hands of Bane.


Comic Book Movie Summer ends with The Dark Knight Rises

So, I finally saw THE DARK KNIGHT RISES…yes, yes I know. In my defense, I tried seeing it twice and it was sold out and then I had a hard time finding three spare hours. And also…well, I’m not the biggest fan of the Nolan Batman trilogy. I get why it is so beloved and all, but the filmmaking is often sloppy to my tastes. (The horrible sound editing in DKR being one example.) Anyway, I did enjoy it, even though it was so lax in its storytelling. And I kept getting distracted by things. Like Catwoman’s high heels. As soon as she appeared, I wondered “How is she running in those high heels?” And as if to answer my question, some hapless gunsel asks the same question in the film and Catwoman shows that they are really fearsome weapons. Got it.


Seen Around: Gaiman, Daughtry, Lee, Johns at THE DARK KNIGHT RISES premiere

Last night’s gala premiere for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in NYC brought out some stars, with author Neil Gaiman escorting DC president Diane Nelson to the event.

At the afterparty, DC execs Jim Lee and Geoff Johns relaxed and flexed with singing star Daughtry, who is teaming with the WB and DC for the “We Can Be Heroes” campaign to raise funds to end hunger in the Horn of Africa.


The Dark Knight Rises – As Narrated By Pee Wee Herman

Props to Jimmy Fallon for bringing us this delightfully odd version of Batman.

All he had to do was take a recent trailer for The Dark Knight Rises and let Paul Reubens re-dub the dialogue in his Pee Wee Herman persona. The results are… well, see for yourself.


Studio Coffee Run 6/22/12: The Dark Knight Rises, Yahoo's Liquid Comics, Amazing Spiderman, Looper, etc.

Some tidbits for the weekend ahead, including Yahoo Screen’s new motion comics offering, Liquid Comics, Amazing Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises clip round ups, and why animation showrunners like Seth Macfarlane are mad at the Emmys…


Studio Coffee Run 4/20/12: More Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, etc.

This week’s round up of comics and nerdy movie related stuff, including The Avengers, semi-obscure manga adaptations, Sin City, The Dark Knight and more!


THE DARK KNIGHT RISES breaks AVENGERS download record

2012 is not only set to be the end of the world, but perhaps the greatest box office showdown in modern times as THE AVENGERS and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES are both coming out…both movies have a chance at rewriting box office history. THE DARK KNIGHT is already #2 on the all-time list and has now won the first battle: the new trailer was downloaded 12.5 million times in its first 24 hours on iTunes, breaking the record of 10million downloads set in October by THE AVENGERS.

What do you think? Which movie has YOU ruining a perfect good pair of jorts?


Wanna see the Dark Knight Rises prologue?

With rising excitement for next year’s THE DARK KNIGHT RISES trilogy-ending Batman adventure, WB has announced that the full six-minute prologue to the film will be shown in 42 IMAX theaters in the US and the UK starting Friday, December 16. The footage is expected to be shown with MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL. Although going to see a Tom Cruise film may sound like an onerous proposition, it’s also the first live Action film directed by Brad Bird — who made THE INCREDIBLES and THE IRON GIANT — so hey, this may be an enjoyable field trip after all.

In a statement, director Christopher Nolan said, “Our experience on ‘The Dark Knight’ shooting and projecting IMAX 15 perf 65mm/70mm film was inspiring. The immersive quality of the image goes beyond any other filmmaking tool available, and in revisiting Gotham, we were determined to shoot even more of the movie in this unique format. Giving the fans an early look at an IMAX sequence is a great way to draw attention to what I believe will be an incredible way to experience our story when it comes out next summer.”

The prologue is expected to feature the bad guy Bane, played by Tom Hardy. Win, win, win!


THE DARK KNIGHT RISES official teaser poster revealed

A crumbling monochrome Gotham skyscape gives way to the Batman symbol in the first official teaser poster for THE DARK KNIGHT RISEs, the third film in the Christopher Nolan helmed trilogy.

An official teaser TRAILER is expected before this weekend final Harry Potter film.

Can’t wait. Esp. like the artwork-like feeling of the image.


Dark Knight Rises Stays On Top; Total Recall Mimics Battleship

In another relatively quiet weekend at the Box Office, we find Batman continuing to lord over the competition in a similar fashion to Avengers, we also see a genre film launch and hear a “thud” as it hits a wall, just like Battleship didn’t bouncing off the Avengers.


Dark Knight Rises to $160M Weekend Box Office; Everything Else Has Big Drop

To say this was an unusual week at the box office is putting it mildly. The shooting at the Dark Knight Rises opening in Colorado cast a pall over the entire film industry. The studios agreed to delay the box office data until Monday, a highly unusual instance of the studios cooperating. Other than Dark Knight Rises, everything was down and down a lot. Most of it over 50%. I suspect this is a combination of the massive anticipation for Dark Knight Rises (including tons of advance ticket sales) and some people not going to the movies in the wake of the shooting. Either way, Dark Knight opened with $160,887,295, which is good for the #3 opening all-time, behind Avengers and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2. There’s some noise about it being the highest non-3-D movie, but I’m not sure to what extent the IMAX version does or doesn’t mitigate that angle, since Nolan was emphasizing the IMAX aspects during filming.


New Bane-centric DARK KNIGHT RISES trailer from Nokia

For the full effect you’ll want to go right to the site, but this trailer has a lot of dark Bane vs Batman footage and less Catwoman.

Any chance this movie will top AVENGERS? Probably not. But it should easily vanquish Spider-Man for #2 comic book movie of the year.



Oh damn, they are blowing up New York again. How many times…


New Dark Knight Rises trailer in Lego



New DARK KNIGHT RISES photos from EW

EW’s Spring/Summer movie preview issue is out, and DARK KNIGHT RISES is on the cover. And some new photos are inside! Hm, this Bane cat is going to be pretty scary, eh?


Official DARK KNIGHT RISES trailer

Apple has posted the official one, so if the above embed doesn’t work, go here.