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Roundtable Review: DC Universe REBIRTH #1

“I look down at it and know without question: I love this world. But there’s something missing.” In the five years since DC Comics rebooted […]



When Jack Kirby drew Captain America saluting Adolf Hitler

Hate and outrage have defeated love and optimism yet again.

On Monday it was suggested that Marvel had a story trick up their sleeve that would steal the spotlight from DC’s ramming-speed publicity blitz for its revamped universe and Rebirth #1.

A shocking!!! plot twist in Captain America Steve Rogers #1 that revealed Steve was really a Hydra agent all along seemed unlikely to unseat a wholesale rewriting of ten years of DC history, along with a shocking Alan Moore related plot twist.

But, today we have a genuine tweet storm and think piece blitz, all wrapped in a bow


Exclusive Reveal: Check Out Pasqual Ferry’s CIVIL WAR II #1 Variant & Celebrate the First Fried Pie Con

Fried Pie Comics, a line dedicated to producing special variant covers for comic books, has been making a splash since it debuted in October 2015.  They’ve produced collectible versions of huge titles titles including Dark Knight III #1 and Rick and Morty #14.  Now, they’re hosting their first convention. Fried Pie Con will take place in Kennesaw, […]


Podcorn Podcast– Reviewing DC Comics’ REBIRTH #1

Geoff Johns wants to bring hope back to the DC Universe. Does he succeed?

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Producer Charles Roven gets less hands on role in continuing WB/DC film shake-up

Hm. Now this is actually a rumour I heard a week or so ago: that producer Charles Roven who has been very hands on on just about every DC superhero movie from Batman Begins on, would have his role diminished as part of the restructuring of DC Films.


Solson Publisher Gary Brodsky passes away

by Robert V. Conte Gary Brodsky—reverend, self-proclaimed “Alpha Male Master” and publisher of 1980s independent comics company Solson Publications—died of a heart attack on May 9, 2016. He was 59-years-old. Brodsky was a pioneer during the black-and-white independent comics boom in the mid-1980s. In 1986, Reagan’s Raiders #1 outsold Marvel’s G.I. Joe at a 3-to-1 ratio […]

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Celebrate National Geek Day! (Yeah, I Made That Up.)

Happy National Geek Day! Why today? What’s so special about May 25th? Well, a long time ago, in 1977, Star Wars opened in 32 theaters! That’s when science fiction went mainstream! Yeah, there were Trekkies, but they were lowkey… there wasn’t a movie yet, and they mostly congregated at the Holiday Inn on weekends, along with […]


INTERVIEW: Farel Dalrymple on POP GUN WAR: GIFT, New York, & Brandon Graham’s ISLAND

The cartoonist sits down with us to discuss the legacy and future of his legendary series.


Review: Barbara Yelin’s ‘Irmina’ shows how history destroys us in little ways

Quiet and brooding, while still warm and with a great delicacy, Barbara Yelin’s Irmina takes the author’s own discovery of her grandmother’s World War II era diaries and letters, and applies the resulting biography to higher philosophical heights that really concern the way any of us encounter the world. Irmina is a young German girl […]


Geoff Johns wants you to be monetarily satisfied with DC Universe: Rebirth #1

While readers tip-toe over spoilers from the DC Universe: Rebirth #1 special launching in T-minus eight(ish) hours in New York, author and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has offered to write checks to anyone who wasn’t satisfied with their reading experience. In an interview with today, Johns urged readers who weren’t satisfied with […]


Dynamite ‘Bundles Up’ for exposure and bucks

If you’ve been reading the Beat regularly – and I know you have – you may have noticed that Dynamite is the King of Bundling – that is, the kind of pay-what-you-want services such as Humble Bundle that give consumer vast access to digital comics for a pretty low fee. Dynamite has two notable recent bundles, the  “Bundle […]


BAM! Maybe Comixology will be the Netflix of comics with $5.99 Unlimited monthly service

For years we’ve been wondering when a streaming comics model would be introduced that really opened up comics to the popular Netflix model of reading. There have been many attempts, but Comixology just hit a slam dunk with Comixology Unlimited, a $5.99 a month streaming service that offers everything from The Walking Dead to Attack […]


Preacher’s TV premiere boosts graphic novel sales

Speaking of Preacher, this headline hardly constitutes a shocking surprise, but checking Amazon’s graphic novel best sellers list , Preacher Volume #1 is now the #2 seller (and #124 book overall) just behind the Kindle edition of The Hedge Knight, a Song of Fire and Ice spinoff based on a George R. R. Martin novel. […]


Are you ready for a 600 page oral history of Fantagraphics?

  That was rhetorical — of COURSE you are. At long last, after over a decade in the works, We Told You So: Comics As Art the oral history of Fantagraphics begun by Tom Spurgeon and finished by Michael Dean will be coming out this summer, just in time to celebrate the (gasp!) 40th anniversary of […]