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Azzarello, Bisley, and beer combine for Alpha King event

  Somewhere in the world it’s Friday afternoon, and someone somewhere may be counting the minutes to a happy hour brew. To get you in […]


FCBD MoonCop Medium 2016

FCBD 2016: Read It! The TOP FIVE Issues!

50 Free Comic Book Day titles! If you’re lucky, your store will give you a bundle of comics! But more likely, you’ll have a limit… both in time (what? this isn’t the line for the 12:15 showing for Civil War?) and number. What should you grab? Depends on what you like, for starters. But also, […]

Maris Wicks, courtesy of David Waller

First Second Books Exposes Kids to Wonders of the Natural World in Their Free Comic Book Day Offering, SCIENCE COMICS

Every year on the first Saturday of May, millions of people around the United States flood comic book stores for Free Comic Book Day. This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of the holiday, and to celebrate, First Second Books is joining in on the festivities!

tony stark civil war

Thoughts from a second CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR viewing (spoilers!)

While I saw Captain America: Civil War a few weeks ago, I got an opportunity to take another peek at it during the press screening that occurred this past Tuesday night. In short, my opinion is unchanged, and I still believe it is easily the best Marvel film to date. While I’ve enjoyed a great […]

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Frank Miller, James Harvey, the art of coloring, the artists reputation and….a mystery

The other day we told you about a Frank Miller DKIII variant cover that had everyone talking about its (depending on your point of view) minimalist and/or shockingly incompetent art style.

After some twitter discussion, artist James Harvey took it upon himself to show that Miller’s recent work might be suffering from a misplaced coloring esthetic.

And then all hell broke loose.


Lucy Knisley on Authentic Experiences, Mark Rothko, and Being Your Own Protagonist in “Something New”

Lucy Knisley talks about her new book “Something New,” the process of having authentic experiences, upcoming projects, and Mark Rothko.


The Marvel Rundown: Is Marvel’s newest take on the Thunderbolts punishing?

This week in The Marvel Rundown, we’re taking a look at a shiny pair of new #1s.  First, we examine The Punisher, a series about Marvel’s resident badass on call whose reputation was recently bolstered by a recent appearance on the Netflix show Marvel’s Daredevil. Writer Becky Cloonan (Gotham Academy) is joined by Punisher veteran Steve Dillon (Punisher: […]


Get your Wonder Woman make-up fix at Walgreens this week

Wonder Woman is truly a multi-faceted triple goddess of lore and branding. For some she’s a feminist role model; to others she’s a powerful but sexy female superhero; and  to still others, she’s a great way to sell make-up and other women-focused products! Five years ago Princess Diana starred in a line of MAC cosmetics that sold out […]


FCBD 2016: Read It Or Leave It?: Silver Titles, Part Five

STREET FIGHTER V #1 FCBD 2016 EDITION Publisher: UDON ENTERTAINMENT INC (W) Ken Siu-Chong, Matt Moylan (A) Edwin Huang & Various (CA) Edwin Huang Featuring the cast of the all-new Street Fighter V, Capcom’s biggest video game of 2016! The new challengers from Street Fighter V make their first appearance in UDON’s comics, as they collide […]

Execuitve Editor Shelly Bond

Podcorn Podcast 05/04/16 — The Ties that Shelly Bond

This week on Podcorn Podcast, we look back on Shelly Bond’s career at Vertigo.


DC reveals Rebirth one shot variant covers

  Rebirth is coming, and so are variant covers! DC’s new line kicks off this month with the DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH SPECIAL, and in June with a series of Rebirth one shots. And here’s a peek at some of the covers   Batman: Rebirth #1 On-Sale June 1 Written by Scott Snyder and Tom King Art […]


NEW MUTANTS line-up revealed, INFINITY WAR films to get name changes

On the eve of the release of Captain America: Civil War (which I reiterate, is great and you should see it), there’s a couple of news tidbits worth talking about: Over on Instagram, New Mutants director Josh Boone has presumably revealed his team line-up in the following images:   #billsienkiewicz #newmutants #illyanarasputin #lockheed’stail #Magik A […]


Lucy Knisley looks at fertility and pregnancy in her upcoming KID GLOVES

Lucy Knisley is at it again. As we just showed you, Something New, her graphic novel exploring her wedding has just come out, and after a wedding there is often a baby. Thus, her new books, Kid Gloves, is coming in 2018. As shown in a charming comics preview at Mutha Magazine, the book will […]


GIve me money part 2: Creators for Creators grant submissions are open

At this year’s Image Expo one of the most buzzworthy announcements was the Creators for Creators Grant, and submissions have just opened up and run until November 1st. The grant will give $30,000 to a single creator writer/artist duo “in order to support the creation of a new and original work of a length between sixty-four […]