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2017 may be a rough year for comics retail and the industry–or not

Are comics sales slipping or stagnating as we enter 2017? Some signs point to yes, as you can see from the November sales figures released earlier today. While the sales decline earlier in the year has been reversed to a net positive thanks to the Rebirth surge, as retailers Joe Field of Flying Colors tweeted earlier this week, there is a sense of worry out there.


Saga, Bitch Planet, Patience among the 2017 Official Selections for Angoulême prizes

The Official Selections 2017 for the FauvesOfficial Selections 2017 for the Fauves, the comics awards presented every year at the Angoulême comics festival,  have been announced, with a generous helping of US comics, including Daniel Clowes’ Patience, Saga, Bitch Planet and  Richard Thompson’s Cul-de-Sac, Jupiter’s Legacy by MIllar and Quitely, FAmily Fun by Benjamin Frisch and…well all sorts of things […]


Marvel on top again in November sales

There’s been a lot of rumbling about a slow down in comics sales of late, and while we’ll have to wait for the drill down from veteran chart watchers, a few clues are visible in the November sales charts just released by Diamond. Comics periodical and graphic novels flip-flopped in month to month comparisons in […]

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Only known Fletcher Hanks painting found in barn!

  Fletcher Hanks is a cult cartoonist whose carer spanned only a few years – 1939 to 1941 –  but in that time he produced a body of work as startling as it was shortlived. His superhero tales depicted a gonzo world of fantasy and violence with a primitive yet mesmerizing art style and a personal […]