86 year old man draws comic strip, changes world

We don’t often have occasion to link to the comic strip musings at The Comics Curmudgeon but it happened to come up in our feed, and just as in various religions once a year a day of spiritual contemplation and cleansing is observed, so those of us who worship at the church of the comic should engage in a yearly contemplation of Mark Trail. Because THIS, this is where we come full circle and come back to THE SOURCE.

Cartoonist Jack Elrod is 86 years young and still drawing Mark Trail. May he never, ever stop.




  1. Kevin Hynes says:

    So…he’s going to eat the cheetah puppy?!

  2. Marcus Bruté says:

    Isn’t Mark Trail that comic that published a story arc in 2009 about a man beating his wife that ended with her saying it was okay because he only did it because he was having problems at work? (Yes. Yes, it is. http://www.comicsalliance.com/2009/12/18/the-worst-comics-of-the-decade-part-2/)

  3. Marcus Bruté says:
  4. When you say ‘drawing Mark Trail’ you mean ‘crudely assembling the strip with art clipped from old Mark trail strips’, don’t you?

  5. Bite your tongue, Aaron. Those comic strips are originally drawn panels of phenomenally large animals intruding into frame. Show the man some respect!

  6. Torsten Adair says:

    When I was a lad of the Seventies, I read every strip in the Omaha World-Herald, even the clunkers like Mary Worth, Gil Thorp, Dondi, and Love Is…

    So… Mark Trail is a clunker. But he’s still making a living at it, drawing a continuity strip. A genre that’s slowy dying as feature editors shun them.

  7. Newspapers, from what I hear, is doing fine in poorer parts of the world. I used the term “poorer ” sarcastically, by the way.

  8. are doing fine. My bad.

  9. Yes Elrod has used old strips for years…I remember as a kid that me Dad , Tom Hill, drew the animals and Mark soon after Ed Dodd quit drawing in the early 50’s and that Elrod drew inanimate objects such as cars , guns ER cetera.

  10. Julie Spencer says:

    What Jack Hill stated is true. There was an article in November 1978 in “Outdoors in Georgia” (four months after Tom Hill died) that clearly stated Tom Hill the artist of 32 years. It stated: “For more than three decades, Tom Hill entranced the young in heart of all ages with his warm, understanding, meticulous drawings of wild creatures.” The article was written by Bill Hammock. Tom Hill worked many long hours working on the Mark Trail strips at the studio and at home. I, his daughter enjoyed watching him work. He spoke & demonstrated his work at local schools when I was young.

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