31 Days of Halloween: Rhode Montijo

Children’s book illustrator/cartoonist Rhode Montijo sent along some pages from his new book The Halloween Kid — on his Web site, he’s got some activity pages with things like mask cut-outs and mazes. Good stuff.



  1. Terrific book. Gets my highest five-star rating with five of my shiniest stars.

    I treasure my copy, which I got at San Diego Comic-Con. Fun follow-up to his CLOUD BOY children’s book, and even better, if that’s possible.

    The man’s got crazy mad skills! Get this book even if you have to steal it out of a kid’s backpack!

  2. Dallas Middaugh says:

    Too true! Rhode’s work is amazing. If you can find a copy of his graphic novel, Pablo’s Inferno, pay any price. It’s a crime that Rhode isn’t doing more comics work. He’s an amazing talent.

  3. Rhode’s art just keeps getting more amazing! Love these images and definitely need The Halloween Kid!

  4. PABLO’S INFERNO was a great book, but comics loss is children’s books’ gain. I’m sure he’ll be back, he still does minicomics in-between the CBs for conventions.

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