31 Days of Halloween: Halloween ComicFest

Yes it is time for 31 Days of Halloween again! Send us your art and links to comicsbeat at gmail dot com.

Let’s kick it off with the second official Diamond Comics Holiday, Halloween ComicFest and one of the special editions available, Batman Lil Gotham Special Edition #1 by Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen. . Diamond and your local comic shop are eaming up to offer all kinds of Halloween goodies, costume contests and other stuff that help make the spookiest time of the year special.

Oh heck here’s another, an Adventure Time Mini comic!



  1. Torsten Adair says

    I didn’t post it this year, but once again, I ordered the megabundles of Halloween ComicFest titles last August (via Westfield), and will have my siblings in the Midlands hand them out to trickertreaters.

    The cost of a bundle of 25? $4.99. About the cost of a comic book, or a bag of Halloween candy. (Westfield discounts them further. If you need comics by mail order, they do a great job.)

    How to do it next year:

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