31 Days of Halloween: Andrea Tsurumi

Yep, it’s that time of year again! And we already have so many awesome contributions we may have to to do more than one picture a day just to keep up. But please keep the links and art coming.

We kick off this year’s festivities with Andrea Tsurumi‘s 13 Witches project. According to her website, Tsurumi is an illustrator/cartoonist who is part of the Tapir Tooth comics collective, and creator of the webcomic TERKA.


  1. michael says

    AWESOME pic!!! Worthy of any fantasy pic that was made for an AD&D book or module! :)

  2. Holly says

    Hi, I am looking for my cousin Courtney Thompson.
    Please ask her to find me on facebook. Holly Dunitz. I have not seen her since she was about 9. The only relative who had Sharons addy no longer has it. Thank you.

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