24 Hours of Webcomics: The Phoenix Requiem

The Phoenix Requiem is probably one of the most beautiful webcomics I’ve read. It is also now complete after 25 chapters and 800 gorgeous pages – the perfect time to sit down and start reading!

The Phoenix RequiemI first came across Sarah Ellerton’s work when I read Inverloch, her previous highly acclaimed webcomic and devoured it in a day of intense reading. I tried The Phoenix Requiem afterwards, initially not sure it would be my kind of thing, but was quickly hooked.

Set in a world somewhat similar to Victorian England, this is a fantasy tale and a gripping romance, as magic begins to return to the land after a long absence. Jonas is our main character, injured early on and nursed to health by the ambitious and caring Anya, who is training to be a doctor. A hesitant romance begins to stir, but disaster and plague seem to be following Jonas… a plague of supernatural proportions.

The Phoenix RequiemThe relationships between the various villagers are explored at a leisurely pace before things start to pick up as the supernatural elements and magic start to surface, with many a twist and turn along the way. It’s also really hard to post a full page without spoiling something!

And okay, yes, Jonas totally reminds me of David Tennant’s Doctor Ten. Shut up, shut up, he’s gorgeous. Omg.

Garnering praise and award nominations a plenty, The Phoenix Requiem was frequently ranked in the top ten most popular webcomic lists during its lengthy run, and even now remains hugely prominent. Two volumes have now been published by 4th Dimension Entertainment collecting the first ten chapters. And as with all webcomics, the entire series can be read for free at the website – so indulge yourself today!

The Phoenix Requiem

The Phoenix Requiem

The Phoenix Requiem

The Phoenix Requiem

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