24 Hours of Halloween: Jude Grimbro


Artist Jude Beers, who goes by the name Grimbro, shared his own Halloween countdown: a tribute to horror illustration great Basil Gogos. You can see more of his art here.


  1. says

    This guy has an incredible talent to paint monsters, especially the movie classic monsters.
    Check his gallery, he also has some awesome painted skateboard decks.
    Somebody should really hire him to do some cool comic covers or illustrations.

  2. art snob says

    anytime an artist’s signature is cooler than the work itself you’ve got to start asking where the true intent of the work is…

  3. JM Ringuet says

    We can also ask what is your true intent in insulting the artist work. If you have nothing relevant to say keep your venom for your sorry self.

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