C2E2 Is Bigger Than New York Comic Con! (And Can Grow Even Bigger than San Diego!)


“What?  Is he nuts?  NYCC is bursting at the seams!  130,000 attendees.  Massive crowds!  Sold out weeks in advance!  Crazy media coverage!” Yes, but there’s one metric which is very important.  It’s a concern at New York, it’s a political football in San Diego, and it will soon be a concern for other large shows:


FCBD 2104: Read It or Leave It? Part Three

fcbd 2014 showa

And here are the final 24 (of 60) Free Comic Book Day titles!


FCBD 2014: Read It or Leave It? Part Two

fcbd 2014 hip hop

The first half of the 2014 Silver Books (45 48 titles)! Some were a bit hard to score (thanks to JHU Comics for offering ALL 60 titles!  Four comics per customer.), but we preserved, trekking all over midtown!