SPX Exhibitor 2014 Lottery is underway!

SPX Exhibitor 2014 Lottery is underway!http://ift.tt/1mR8zZr Tweet That’s right the first ever lottery style exhibitor application process is underway— a mad dash for table space at the one of the exceedingly few premiere indie shows that is not entirely curated. But there is no need to make a mad dash! IT IS A LOTTERY! Whether […]

It’s Colorist Appreciation Day 2014!

It’s Colorist Appreciation Day 2014!http://ift.tt/1fi8ZTp Tweet Colourist Appreciation Day started last year, essentially, from the mind of Jordie Bellaire – who subsequently spent the rest of the year becoming one of the most famous and well-known colourists in comics. In celebration of the anniversary, I’ve compiled a short list of prominent and brilliant comic colorists […]

The BEST ‘best of’: 2013 in comics overview

The BEST ‘best of’: 2013 in comics overviewhttp://ift.tt/1mCjN0S Tweet Okay, here we go: no ‘best of list’ but a completely subjective round-up of the comics I enjoyed most in 2013. Of course, I’ve not read every comic produced in 2013- March, The Encyclopedia of Early Earth and Boxers and Saints being some notable books I’ve yet to get round to, but […]

The Angoulême Dining Guide: it’s a lot more than crêpes

The Angoulême Dining Guide: it’s a lot more than crêpeshttp://ift.tt/1eKQmrY Tweet by Abby Denson, with Jessica Abel and Xavier Lancel So you’re going to Angoulême? Lucky you! I’ve exhibited with Xavier Lancel for the past several years and thought I’d share some of my favorite places to eat while at the festival. Even better, Angoulême […]

TCAF announces more guests: Smith, Blaine, Pearson, etc.

TCAF announces more guests: Smith, Blaine, Pearson, etc.http://ift.tt/KQ2oFA Tweet I’m not sure when this rolled out, but the Toronto Comic Arts Festival has announced more guests. While I think if you’re going to TCAf you’re already definitely going, no one will turn up their noses at this list, including the great French cartoonist Christophe Blaine. […]

Casual comics readers vs. superheroes

Casual comics readers vs. superheroeshttp://ift.tt/1fhLkT2 Tweet Children’s book illustrator and sometime cartooner Jed Alexander read my piece on top selling graphic novels the other day, and spun it off into his own piece entitled The Future of Comics: A Casual Readership. While I agree with the basic premise, I think Alexander went a bit far […]

My 2014 Angoulême Diary: Day -1

My 2014 Angoulême Diary: Day -1http://ift.tt/KTKJ0v Tweet I think I mentioned a few times that I will be going to Angoulême this year—the 41st annual Festival International Bande Deseinee, held yearly in Angoulême, France. This is the biggest comics show in Europe, as I’ve heard tell, with some 200,000 people attending. There are also 260 […]

WB/Target release horrible products with different art styles for each gender


Sue at DC Women Kicking Ass has a post on the fruits of that WB/Target licensing deal that was announced last year, with emphasis on the Wonder Woman aspects of it. Some of it is typical Target fare you’d find in the $4 aisle—a Wonder Woman water bottle filled with candy because health: But then […]