Fantagraphics launches $150,000 Kickstarter for Spring 2014 line; already nearly 1/3rd of the way there


Fantagraphics, publisher of some of the greatest comics ever, hopes to publish more of them in next year’s line, but the death of co-founder Kim Thompson in June has left some problems, both with managing the line and cash flow; the books Kim was working on as publisher and translator had to be delayed and that has left them with a budget shortfall.

Marvel Announce Ms Marvel Series from G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona

ms marvel

Marvel have announced that G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona will be the creative team for a new Ms Marvel series, starting in 2014. The ongoing series will star a new character in the title role – Kamala Khan. She’ll have a costume designed by Jamie McKelvie.

Spotlight Cartoonist: Connie Sun — “How to be an Artist”

profile pic from good advice simon

.11-5drawing lion artist w500
Today’s cartoonist by November spotlight Cartoonist Connie Sun. Hit the tip jar below if you’d like to encourage her work.

So what does a gal have to do to get into The Comics Journal anyway?


Over 1578 pages of material, the last three issues of The Comics Journal included 11 pages by or about women cartoonists. Is this exclusion hurting diversity in comics or just the dying breath of pap pap comics?

Titan Unveils Snowpiercer in English


With the upcoming film starring Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Ed Harris, Alison Pill and John Hurt due for a US/UK release in 2014 after rave international reviews, the original comic, Le Transperceneige, is due for publication as Snowpiercer on January 29.

Let’s Get to the Bottom of this ‘Revolutionary War’ Malarky


Revolutionary War, announced a few months ago, is an interconnected mini-event thingy which’ll be happening next year, using many of the Marvel UK characters. Headlined by writers Andy Lanning and Alan Cowsill, the story will start with a one-shot in January and then move into a series of focus one-shots with various stars returning. As […]

Submissions Open for Rachel Edidin and Sfé Monster’s ‘Beyond’ Anthology


Writer Rachel Edidin and artist Sfé Monster have opened up submissions for a new comics anthology called ‘Beyond’. A collection of queer sci-fi and fantasy stories, Beyond is aimed to be crowdfunded and then published in 2014. A number of creators are already signed up for the project, including Fiona Staples, Carla Speed McNeil and Dylan […]

Exhibit Report: Opening Night at The Jack Kirby Pop-Up Museum


By Jeffrey O. Gustafson As Rand Hoppe, founder and Director of the Jack Kirby Museum told me tonight, “Jack Kirby hated the Lower East Side.” Kirby would tell World War II stories and talk about the creation of his art all day, but when it came to the L.E.S., all he wanted to do was […]

Xeno Kaiju, A Tabloid Comic By Pat Aulisio

Xeno Kaiju Cover

Xeno Kaiju is a tabloid newspaper/mini comic by Philly artist Pat Aulisio. It consists of sixteen newsprint pages featuring a single panel on each page. Published by Hic and Hoc, an indie comic publisher based out of New Jersey, the comic has been finished in black and white, with the exception of its cover and […]

Crappy Halloween party may have doomed DC’s New York offices


DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson finally spoke out about why DC had to leave its home of 80 years and relocate to the West Coast in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. She says it was “never optimal” to have two offices on separate coasts. And as an example she said, Literally everything is […]