Spotlight Cartoonist: Connie Sun — “Single Girl, Asian Daughter”

11-4-drawing asian daughter w500 v2

.11-4-drawing asian daughter w500 v2


Jack Kirby Pop-Up Museum opens today!


A pop-up museum for comics legend Jack Kirby located on the Lower East Side — where he was born— opens today. The effort was funded via Kickstarter and is located at 178 Delancey Street.


First Second announces The Nameless City fantasy trilogy from Faith Erin Hicks


Faith Erin Hicks is rapidly becoming a “name” graphic novel author, and her new project from First Second should help with that. It’s a fantasy trilogy called The Nameless City, which is described as “in the tradition of Jeff Smith’s Bone and Avatar: The Last Airbender.” The first book is slated to come out in […]


When Harold Gray went Meta in Little Orphan Annie


Roman á clef comics go all the way back to the start and Library of American Comics editor Dean Mullaney called my attention to this sequence in Little Orphan Annie, where Tik Tok, a frequent Harold Gray stand-in, become a cartoonist…and gets all the perks and pains that come with it—including criticism for Gray’s politics. […]


RIP: Nick Cardy


Famed DC artist Nick Cardy passed away at age 93 last night, it was reported on FB and elsewhere. Cardy’s long time friend Todd Dezago has posted on his failing health over the weekend: “Thank you, thank you, thank you–to everyone who replied to the news of Nick’s failing health with kind words and warm […]


Go, Read: Dan Berry and Nate DiMeo’s The Memory Palace


The first of what appear to be a number of collaborations between writer and podcaster Nate DiMeo and artist (and podcaster!) Dan Berry has been published over at Boing Boing. Taking stories from DiMeo’s ‘The Memory Palace’ Podcast and retelling them, this first story sees the creative team delving into a creepy little mystery in […]