Sales Charts: A massive listing of all the comics that sold in September


Diamond has released their sales charts for the record setting month of September, but instead of offering just the Top 50 Indie Comics, they included the top 1588 comics. It’s the WHOLE list. For all you number crunchers, it’s a bonanza. I’ve posted the relevant charts in HTML form and here they are. Top 1588 […]

September sales and the catastrophic success of Villains Month


With all the rushing around, I never got to the Top 10 charts for September. I’ve posted the relevant charts below—short version: another good month. In fact a GREAT month, especially for DC, which crushed it. DC sent out a press release announcing they sold four million comics, the most since the initial New 52 […]

Gene Deitch’s Nudnik joins Tumblr, Twitter and so on


As long as we’re talking about the groovy 60s, the angular, sketchy cartoons of Gene Deitch (father of Kim) were a staple of the decade, from Tom and Jerry to Tom Terrific. Fantagraphics recently published Nudnik Revealed, a retrospective of a series of animated shorts Deitch created to run before films of the time. (Apparently, […]

The day Archie’s publisher put the heat on J. Edgar Hoover over dirty comic books


Back in 1960, Archie Publisher John L. Goldwater told FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover that he was WRONG about dirty comic books

NYCC is coming right for us


It’s New York Comic Con Week, as exemplified by this photo of the NYCC Camaro parked in front of NYC’s Forbidden Planet shop. Everyone I know is equal parts horrified and thrilled. NYCC kind of sneaks up on you—unlike the dreadnaught of San Diego Comic-Con, NYCC has always seemed like a simple matter by contrast—there’s […]