Review: Liberator #3 – with extra Bunnies!


A striking cover from the tremendous Ben Templesmith has garnered Liberator #3 all kinds of attention. If you’ve not been reading this fantastic debut, read on…


Reviewed! Every Issue of Villains Month, Week Two


We head into week two of Villains Month, with thirteen more titles out this week. Ranging from Harley Quinn and The Riddler through to Mongul and Black Manta, a theme seems to emerge this week – DON’T EVER GO INTO SPACE! Follow the jump for every issue reviewed, from my least-favourite through to my favourite.


Sikh cartoonist’s day as Captain America in a turban


Cartoonist Vishavjit Singh is a Sikh, a member of a relatively small religious group known for appearing in public in turbans. The turban is more than a fashion statement for a Sikh—it’s a religious observance. So when he recently cosplayed as Captain America, it was quite an experience for many reasons: I have been skinny […]


The day everyone loved Dan DiDio


You know how what goes around comes around. Or, to put it another way, comic book fans love to bitch and moan. It is impressive to look at this DC New 52 Timeline of Departures, Firings, and Bridge-Burnings, a long list of high traffic comings and goings. I had forgotten half of them and it […]